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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Mike & Lucia, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Mike & Lucia

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    I'm sure many of you try out new products at your own home the way I do. So I purchased the Demo kit plus an additional app module and a wall switch for my garage wall mounted lanterns.

    Here are some observations and a question or two....

    The system has communicated consistently WITHOUT phase coupler installed.

    After reading through the directions once, I began setting up the system. I put the two appliance modules in set up mode and returned to the control box. If found both of them and labeled them #1. In their quest to keep the directions short and simple, I think some details were omitted. Such as the fact that you should set each zone separately. Now my two trannys activate as one zone. Actually, I find this to be OK for now. And I think that means I can have more than eight receiving units so long as some share zone numbers. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Two days later, I wired in the wall switch. Another challenge awaits me. The multi-gang wall box houses two switches. One controls the inside garage lights, the other the outside lights where I want my ControlScape switch. Well they share a three wire cable. That leaves me no neutral (white) wire for the receiving switch. The only way I could get it to work properly is by securing the white wire to ground. Everything is working fine. Is this OK? Or can it cause a problem? Black is a pigtailed (shared) hot, the red wire goes to load.

    The control unit is a bit cumbersome, needing to scroll through all settings to get where you want to go. Anyway, how often does it change sunup and sunset times? Mine hasn't changed in five days now.

    There is only four events available on the timer. If I need one to turn 'ON' and one for 'OFF', there's only two pair for use. And there is no differentiation for days of the week. A plug-in digital timer offers more choices! I have clients who wish to let their lights run later on weekend evenings, especially for entertaining. Is there a work-around?

    In spite of these concerns I'm happy with the unit's operation, so far. Friday I sold a seven-zone system to a client whose installation begins this week. I'm looking forward to it.

    Hope to hear from some of you with UPB experience. Thanks.

  2. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Around these parts "trannys" are not generally used in the low voltage lighting industry. :) We tend to rely more upon the traditional "str8' contractor types.

    Oh well... to each their own! Enjoy your "trannys".

    Have a great day.
  3. pete scalia

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    If this unit needs a phase coupler than why use it over x-10? My customers can't even program the x-10 . If this is more sophisticated than forget it.
  4. Chris J

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    I'm still waiting for someone like Eden to respond to your question with some detailed answers as he is much more knowledgable than I am when it comes to this equipment. If you don't get some respectful answers soon, I'll offer the limited info I have.
  5. Pro-Scapes

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    mike... the red should of been the traveler ? is there another switch someplace ? How was it wired before ? I dont get what your saying when you say black is pig tailed and red goes to load. These lights are controlled independantly now without the CS switch right ?
  6. JoeyD

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    I have never had to use a phase coupler in the 4-5 times I have installed UPB. One of those jobs was 7 transformers and ran off of 2 sub panels. Signal traveled problem free.
  7. Eden Lights

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    (Control Scape) While it is not advertised to program multiple devices (Appliance modules) to one zone button, it will work. I would only use this for multiple appliance modules that you are just turn on and off with no dimming. Timed events are also married together when doing this.

    It sounds like you only have three wires in your j-box: hot, load for X, and load for Y? You need to get a neutral into that box, is that possible?

    While I feel that the CS is the easiest and most stable so far in the game, it does come at a cost when it comes to features. You should let the guys at CS know what you need!!!!!!

    Any more questions?
  8. LightYourNight

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    Do any of you have any more good controlscape expiriences?
  9. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Perhaps change your inquiry to: "UPB-ing" :)

    All of my installations in 2008 included UPB control systems. The stuff works very well and the clients are completely impressed.

    We had a horrible year for storms here, lots of thunder and lightning. I am happy to say that all of the controller/schedulers and all of the modules made it through the storms with little to no failures. On two occassions I had to return to re-set the Network ID on the controller/scheduler after power outages.

  10. irrig8r

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    Took me a few seconds to realize that this thread was bumped today.... for a moment I thought Pete Scalia was back.... where'd he go anyway- hibernation?

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