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    Anybody ever come across something as specific as this? how the heck to you meet these requirements?

    I have not ventured into field construction or renovation but plan to at some point as our maintenance end grows, so I figure I should start to figure this out soon. This is in my back yard.

    Pay attention to 3 and 4 -- really? how the heck are you supposed to have done this on 30 fields in 8 mos?

    Contractor Requirements:
    1. The contractor must be familiar with all aspects of athletic field construction.
    2. The contractor must have all listed equipment already owned and shall show its ownership by way of a valid and true insurance equipment list.
    3. The contractor must have worked on at least 30 athletic fields of similar work within the last 8 months. All projects must be verifiable.
    4. Contractor must have at least 1 trained employee whom has completed an
    athletic field construction course sponsored by Rutgers University.

    5. Cleanup existing baselines and radius. There shall not be less than 5’ behind
    second base. All edges and lines must be crisp and have the correct definition of a softball field.
    6. Square field.
    7. Remove approximately 2” of top soil / clay mix.
    8. Remove all noxious weeds from all clay area of the field.
    9. Supply and install 4000 pounds of Pro’s Choice Red clay amendment into
    existing clay base. No alternate or equal to. This material shall be installed using a Rotadairon to insure material is mixed properly for an even distribution.
    10. Supply and install approximately 60 tons of new Premium Beam clay must
    have at least 16-25% clay with the mix, 0-8% silt and 70-80% sand within the field. The color shall be reddish orange in color. There shall be no equal to. Weight tickets need to be available for inspection by the Town Recreation Official.
    11. Supply and install 3000 pounds of Pro’s Choice Red and 3000 pounds of Pro’s Choice Rapid clay amendment. This material shall be top dressed in with a metered top dresser to ensure proper distribution of material. It will then be
    incorporated into the new clay using a Rotadarion machine.
    12. Field will then be laser graded according to existing field conditions and
    topography with a laser grading box.
    13. Supply and install 1 new 3” rubber waffle home plate. The honey comb patter on the back side of the plate will be filled in with concrete for more stability and longer lasting.
    14. Install 2 sets (6) of 7” base anchors in concrete at designated distance from home plate as per the Town Recreation Official.15. Home plate area shall be completely rebuilt. Excavate existing clay to a depth of
    5” deep and install new Premium grade clay.
    16. Each area around each base anchor should have no less than 5” of clay and within 5’ of all directions of each base.
    17. Where the pitching rubber would go (this distance as per Town Recreation
    Official) this area would also receive no less than 5” deep and the entire pitcher’s circle will be rebuilt.
    18. Dispose of all spoils at designated location by Parks Official.
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    They already know exactly who they intend to hire and want you to either make a market for the other company (who is likely charging whatever he pleases) or just want to ensure that nobody else even bids. Then, they can open the bids and - whaddya know - their guy got it.

    I am surprised they did not put in anything about "prevailing wages."

    I would watch it closely to see what I could learn but would not put any time into quoting it.

    The mixes they are calling for are fairly common. IMO, the amounts for the bagged material is on the low side. I prefer another brand but it's the customer's choice.
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    Thanks, I have run into the specs that were written by the contractor that they wanted. This is more than obvious who they want to do the job, I know the company. I just felt it was way over the top especially for this district as they dont have a ton of money and would think they would want the competetion.

    I met the guy in charge last summer right after he took over and offered my services whether it be consulting or actual work and he blew me off really bad. Obviously he brought in his own guy from wherever and doesnt care about getting other prices.

    I had no intention of wasting time on this one. I have others that are more worth my time.

    There is the prevailing wage portion as well, I just did not include it as that is standard around here, unions are still very much in force in this area.
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    Sorry to hear it. There is a lot of this kind of thing. It was way over the top and its wording has probably not been seen or approved by anyone higher up than the guy who blew you off.

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