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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gogetter, Apr 23, 2003.

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    Anyone seen this product?
    I know alot of you guys might balk at something like this. But for someone who doesn't do alot of tilling or aerating, and where the jobs are even too small to rent, this seems like an option. Even if it just holds you over for a couple years until you grow to the level where it would be worth buying dedicated commercial machines.

    For example a customer just asked me about tilling his smal vegatable garden. I don't have a tiller, had to pass on that work.
    Also putting in new mulched beds for another customer. Could use a tiller to till under current grass, too small of a job to warrent renting.

    For these infrequent little jobs and the occassional aeration job that I hope to get, this might be a way for me to go. At least until I grow and have a need for dedicated commercial machines.

    P.S. He did say that you might need 3 passes for aerating a lawn becuase of the fewer cores on this smaller unit.
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    That is impressive didn't think it was possible. But looks like it would work, and for you its two machines in one.

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