converting a boxtruck to a dump truck

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by CharlieBingo, May 3, 2004.

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    I have an Isuzu 16ft box truck. I'd like to replace the box with a dump body 14ft. Anyone ever do this? I have gotten estimates for $7000 and up seems high? Anyone in NY,Nj,Pa area that does this?
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    There are 2 places in my area (Easton Pa.) that do this. The first place is Royal Truck in Center Valley Pa. I don't have a phone # but they have a nice website. The second one is in Easton and does truck bodies, springs, snowplows , etc. The name is Merkin Equipment. The phone # is 610-258-6117 and the website is It's a smaller place that has been there forever. They are very busy!! I have a 1989 Ford F450 with a 12' stakebody that doesn't dump yet. I got 2 prices and they were both around $ 2000.00 for the dump only. Hope this helps. Matt
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    The price will very greatly depending on brand and type of dump body. There are good bodys and there are "cheap" bodys out there, just compare the differance. Some are steel "I" beam and others are "stamped steel" beams. I had a 10'er custom made and mounted with a Rugby hoist for $5500.00 3 years ago.


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