converting an existing bed into a dump bed.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by jasonnau, Dec 25, 2005.

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    I'm just curious if anyone has used one of the hydraulic conversion kits to convert their existing truck bed into a dump bed. I've seen these for sale on many web sites and e-bay. I was looking into an ez dumper, but weighing in at 800 lbs and $2400 I'm thinking about buying the conversion kit for your existing truck bed at around $800 and about 200 lbs.. Has anyone done this to their trucks, and what would you reccomend?
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    I think i saw someone post up pics of their ford that they did this too in the pics forum, lemme try and find it.
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  4. walker-talker

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    I have been considering doing the same thing. Many will tell you that factory beds are not designed for this kind of use. They are not rigid enough to withstand the use. There is a company up in Ohio that sells dump inserts for $1800 new. The name of company is Bagley. I spoke with a memeber here that recently bought one that goes by "Captain". Do a search and he could tell you more. You can always beef up your springs to handle the extra weight of an insert.
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    Jasonnau.....The Captain here.

    Thanksgiving weekend I went to Alliance OH to have Bagley, Inc install a dump insert in the bed of my 95 Silverado. Weighs in at about 500# and costs $2400=/-. Up, dumping fully in 34 seconds and down ready to hit the road in about 45. It is a gravity down system. Seems to work great after only a few weeks of use. I'll know more next week after I get back home. I'm spending Christmas in Florida with my daughter and family. It is 75 degrees and sunny. Not like Chrismas in the midwest, but it is a nice change.

    Give me a PM and I'll go into more detail about the unit, if you wish.

    For now....... join me in celebrating and having a Merry Christmas,

  6. br549oicu8

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    Bri-Mar makes on too. We have it and like it with no problems...yet anway!
  7. specialtylc

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    Unless the kit comes with a full structure to support and strengthen the pickup box, I cant see it being a very good idea. A pickup bed is really flimsy.
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    They are a bad idea. Beds are not made for that kind of weight at 45 degree angle. True, they look cool, but you will be much happier with an insert. Also, with the kit you talk about you need to lift the bed every time you want diesel. hope this helps
  9. BobR

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    Been There Done That....

    NOT Recommended - - -

    Hated having to raise the bed to refuel

    Hated looking into the rear view mirror while moving down the road and seeing the box wobbling around

    Hated going off road and seeing the truck frame twist like a wet noodle

    Could not get rid of this mistake fast enough. If you are hung up on one of these conversions talk to a FEW people who have them and remember YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

    My TC120 insert is on its second truck and still works great.


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