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    I have been in the lawn industry for three years. I started off throwing a ryobi backpack blower and weedwacker, along with a sears eager-1 lawnmower in the back of my truck and knocking on doors to get clients. I started off with three and worked my way up to as many as 45-50 houses at one time. Last year i lost damn near all of houses that i was cutting for a contractor doing foreclosed homes on a pretty decent route because he was trying to get over on me, i had a few of my own clients left over but of course not enough to survive on. Besides cutting the foreclosed houses i got some landscaping experience working under my mentor for his business. So this season ive been working on being able to offer more services such as mulching, fertilizing, and shrub/flower planting. Despite losing that route i still got to upgrade my equipment to a 36" exmark turf tracer, haulmark 6x12 enclosed trailer, redmax bcz260 weedwacker and other lawnmowers and tools. I was thinking about getting 5000 double sided postcards and doing bulk mail in 1000 card increments about once a month. Already got the gl insurance, got 1000 new business cards, pens, still working on the website and t-shirts. Does anybody have any advice on anything else i should to make sure i can see a profit and gain a good clientele? Ain't no debt attached to the equipment.
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    You seem driven to succeed, that is the thing that sets most apart. Just keep pounding the pavement, passing out fliers and knocking on doors if you have to. You will pick up work this spring for sure it just may take a while. I know many that do expensive post cards and get little response. The response should usually be 1 - 1.5 % and that is just the # that will call you for an estimate, then you have to try to sell that small percent into buying a service. Keep expenses low this year and ask existing customers for referrals of friends and neighbors, co workers etc. Try to steer clear of anyone you feel might rip you off this year. Some people are loosing their home, cars, jobs and they might not care if they use your service and rip you off. Keep on your accounts receivables and don't let them fall behind this year. Good luck.

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