Converting to LED, but not all at once?

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We have a huge home that takes several days to hang each season. It has been incandescent since 2007 and we want to start converting to LED.

NOW, the big question and mainly due to the costs for the customer.......have any of you made the change over a couple seasons having some LED and some Incandescent? If we did this we would do all the C9's first and then the mini and net lights.

We use close to 150 amps of power on this house, so there is a lot to change over and the cost is going to be the kicker with the homeowner.

I just want to see what others are doing before I even offer the customer options.

Any help is appreciated guys! Thanks


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If you split it up it will work. You just don't want to mix and match LED directly with incandescent lights.
So to your roof line first, then your bushes and tress next.


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I would do it the other way around, minis first, then C-9s. The reason? Looks and customer satisfaction. Whether clear or colored, the LED minis are brighter than their incan counterparts, so your customer will like the change aesthetically, will actually SEE that they got something extra for the extra money. This will soften the blow of the C-9s being . . ., well, meh. It's hit or miss. Opaque colored? LED's are far superior, and I'll give the nod to them on transparent colored as well. But clear? Depends: are they smooth or faceted? Opaque or clear? Pointed out or pointed up? All these considerations make a difference in how the C-9s are going to look, and if clients going to bear the significant cost difference, you'd better make damn sure they're going to like the way they LOOK; after all, isn't that the whole point of the exercise, and why they got Xmas lights in the first place?

And BTW, get 5mm minis, NOT M5s!! They are much brighter and much more impressive. M5s are ********, especially smooth bulb M5s. I can't see why anyone would buy them on purpose; they aren't nearly as bright or as impressive. What's also ******** is how close those designations are, M5 and 5MM. Good God! Is that really necessary? Or does it only exist to hoodwink the unwary? What does M5 even stand for? Mediocre 5? Mundane 5? Mistake 5? As you might have guessed by now, I'm one of the unlucky ones that got the two mixed up . . . and I bet many others have as well.