converting to sprayer, parts sources please, spray booms mostly

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by causalitist, Jun 19, 2008.

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    just looking for a web site with all sorts of parts i may need.

    im looking to make my own spray system mounted to the front of a walkbehind mower. i will convert it for spraying only. synergy sprayers by permagreen apparently do not spray enough volume to do squat, so i want around the typical 1 gal/M

    im just looking for a website that sells all kinds of spray booms, small tanks with bottom taps, all sorts of pumps etc.

    not sure if i will use electric, or a little 2-stoke gas pump .. want to mount a 4+ foot spray boom out front, 15-30 gal tank

    figure for a few hundred i could make a nice set up.
    I'll post pics when its done!
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    spayer parts depot

    google them
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    Try Tractor Supply. Bottom of page, several pages of parts.

    Gear drive Walk behinds will give better speed control for calibration than a Hydro.

    Just last night I went to Tractor Supply and purchased $ 65.00 worth of Spray bodies hose and nozzles for a intended 4 ft boom. The boom itself is not included in that price only the fitting that go on that boom. I plan on 12 inch spacing of nozzles and 12 inch height which is not the normal set up. Fimco sells set ups, of all kinds. A 12 ft folding boom with out tank and pump, only sells for just under $ 200. No way I could build that boom for twice the price. If my 12 inch spray height works good I plan on buying that 12 ft boom and modifying it to 12 inch height for my Gator.

    This time around I am going to try Nozzle Bodies with Check valve build in. They also have quick release for changing nozzles. By having the nozzles closer to the ground I hope to eliminate drift and over spray. This will cause me some problem with nozzle size since most specs are for 20 inch boom height. My goal in to get as close to one gallon a thousand as possible. Go to the TeeJet website and order a Nozzle catalog, It has all kinds of calibration information.

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    westheffer is another one but sprayer depot is pretty stacked.
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    I just recently got licensed and have only a few squirt & fert clients. I couldn't justify the cost of a PG or Z-spray but wanted something more than a back pack sprayer & push spreader (which I already have).

    I found B & B Technologies, Inc.

    I bought their spot sprayer (tank & spray gun) plus their 10 ft. ATV boom sprayer. I had the boom set up with fan nozzles (rather than flood) which gives me 8ft. coverage with better control. I have the upgraded spray gun which much better that the gun pictured with the spot sprayer.

    My Exmark ZTR has a bagger mount which made a great starting point for a sprayer mount. A local welder help me adapt the bagger mount and add a quick mount for the boom. It is all quick connect/disconnect and doesn't hamper the mower while mowing.

    I also bought a step bumper receiver which I attached to the mower frame at the front to quick mount an electric spreader. I bought a Spyker spreader new off ebay. I added a bicycle speedometer to maintain proper speed.

    I now have a poor man's 'ride-on' for less than $1.5K (excluding the ZTR) which still mows grass when not in use spraying & spreading. Most of my expense was welding and spreader cost. I blow it off after each use and will use fluid film if anything starts showing rust.

    B & B was very helpful in making changes to their boom/matching pump and nozzles to match my expected speeds after I told them what I was planning. They sent me nozzle tips for both 2.5 mph & 5.0 mph.

    I'm very pleased but I'm still very much a newbie and there is SO MUCH that I don't know.

    Good luck with your spray system. - Ed

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