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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by muddstopper, Sep 17, 2007.

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    I have spent the last few hours looking for a kit to convert a single axle ton truck to a tandem axle truck. I want two live axles, not one live and one dead. Does anybody know if such a kit is even availabe for lite trucks. I have seen humvees that have been stretched and a extra axle added to the rear but dont know if they are both pulling or if one is pulling and the other dragging. Will listen to ideals also.:drinkup:
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    I don't think such a thing exists. You'd need a rear axle similar to large truck tandems in which a driveshaft from the front driver drives the rear. I can't think of any practical application for what you are talking about unless you are making some kind of show truck or other weird project.
  3. muddstopper

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    There are a few smaller overseas rigs with live tandems, but if it exsists in the US, I havent found it. I have seen the 2 1/2 ton army trucks with cab conversions and special wheels made to look like a newer one ton with a tandem, I just dont want the ride of a duece and a half. I have also seen the off roaders with 6wheel drive, just dont know what they used to make it work. You are right, its for a weird project, but certainly not for show.

    Any other ideals or resources?
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    doh double posted in the edit
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    Thanks for the link!!!:clapping: I knew someone had to make the conversion, just couldnt goggle it up. I talked to Danny at USA6x6 and the conversion is straight forward, it just bolts directly to the houseing, no cutting or welding needed, except for spring hangers and drive shafts. Cost is $2750 per axle. Now to find the right project truck to put the axels under:gmctruck:
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    You can also fab it up with an extra rear axle (flipped) and a divorced transfer case.
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    WOW:eek: I never knew that.I know now and knowing is half the battle
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    I thought you were nuts until I checked out the site; looks like they put some thought into the conversions. Anybody got an extra 10 grand lying around you want to donate so I can officially investigate their build quality?

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