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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by onlinejames, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. onlinejames

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    I ve been mowing the lawns at our local factory for about 2 years and the cooch is going crazy, the last guy they fired because of woming every week without fail and costing them a fortune $185 for a full days work every week
    I said id mow it for $165 as i work there,and i have a ride-on and they only wanted to do it every 2 weeks so thats ok
    The trouble is the cooch grass thats all i know about it, is growing thicker to the point i have my ride-on set to 2 notches from the highest level, the grass is actually so thick it is 2 inches higher than the foot path, if i try to mow to low it just makes the cooch look all white and if i go too low it will just stall the blades
    what is the best way to go about turning this lawn into a managable job, the grass gets so long as i have to spend half my time picking up 2 x ( 5ft x 8ft ) piled trailer full of grass every time, 3 people can take up to 6 hours to do this job now
    any ideas would be appreciated thanks
  2. Billz

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    well, I am not sure what cooch is... my definition wouldn't sound right in here! lol
    It sounds like the grass needs to be mowed every will destroy your equipment doing this, and if it is a whole days work, you are getting screwed even more. How big is the total area?

    Did you mean it takes 3 people 6 hours to mow this? you only get $165 to do it? I would just stop doing this....there is nothing in it for you.
  3. onlinejames

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    ok well cooch = grass that grows from runners
    dont know total area, its a large area to mow around a dam and buildings a steep slope thats 3 meters high by 30 metres long, if you have a good run one person on ride-on and another behind a walk behind , you can finish in 3 hours
    At the moment as its just me and family who do it , its taking 1 on ride-on, 1 on push mower, and 1 on trimmer and picking grass up, its taking between 4 and 6 hours depending on length
    you can stand on the grass and feel how spongy it is under foot, but if you try to cut too short it will just stall the blades on my 18hp 42inch ride-on.
    I need to get the grass down to a manageable level the grass here never dies off stays green all year round
    when its a big job i usually charge them $200
  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    You are in luck friend. Some of your fellow Aussies are members here.
    I don't know what cooch grass is, but they will and they'll know how to help.

    To me it sounds like our warm season turfs, such as Bermuda, Zoysia, ect.
    Creeping grasses that grow very thick.

    I can tell you what's probably going to have to happen is they are going to have to agree to let you mow it weekly, maybe even more often until it's caught up and under control. Sounds like the old guy was doing right by them to me, and knew he'd have to cut it every week. Your bi-weekly schedule is also part of the reason it looks all white when you are done. Very thick grasses only stay green towards the tops. Thats where they produce more leaf foliage at. What it boils down to is that in 2 weeks time the canopy has raised above the cutting height. Cutting bi-weekly allows it to get tall enough that you cut all the greenry off and leave nothing but the stems.

    Anyways, how tall (inches please) are you cutting it?
  5. HOMER

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    We've got some 'HOOCHES" around here that don't mind a little tall America that could be describing something all HOOCHES have.

    I'm confused on some things but a hooch you can spot a mile away! :help:
  6. Skookum

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    Sounds like a cooch doctor could help with answer. I'd be too embarrassed to ask though. :blush:
  7. Oldtimer

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    I think $165.00 AU is about $12.00 USD.

    Sharpen the blades and the cooch won't be so white.
  8. Precision

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    $165 per cut for trimming cooch. I am in the wrong business.

    But perhaps it does have downsides like gynocology.

    Online James use search and check out the aussie thread.
  9. onlinejames

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    Well what can you say,thanks for the first few replies , no thanks to the others, dont bother replying unless you got something helpfull to say :angry:
  10. beransfixitinc

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    When you say you have a 42" 18hp ride on.. what kind of ride on are you talking about here?

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