Cool pics of new equipment I saw at Turf Depot's open house!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GMLC, Oct 3, 2012.

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    Im also interested in the 30" exmark, I heard the timmaster was a timewaster, lol. I currently used toro 21" commercial 22156 its bulletproof, and fast, cuts great bag,side,mulch. Hoping to see the exmark up here soon, great idea, and yeah the exmark 26" metro was underpowered so I'm wondering if this new one will have more power. Thanks.
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    I wanna take a closer look at the gravely..

    Side note i saw a guy cutting a dunkin dohnuts with a 30 time master and he had it propped up cleaning the deck grass was everyware clumped, he was bagging i guess it got clogged..i dont care if exmark beefed it up its still not a commercial machine!! You either buck up and by a legitimate 32" walkbehind with a real engine and deck..or you stick with a 21/22.. These machines are made for newbies that dont know what they are doing and want to get into the biz with little money. Im not being a dick thats just a fact..
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    Thats very true, a 32 inch walkbehind is a great, I used a ferris for years, that think just wouldn't quit, but up until now there hasnt been a machine like the timemaster, and it is very interesting, mainly because it has the potential to replace a 21" mower for most medium sized lawns. I also found that a 32" walkbehind would miss a lot of dips and valleys and then scalp the humps, mainly due to the wide footprint from rear tire to front caster. I liked the idea of the metro 26" exmark, but that was a complete flop and the new 30" exmark and turfmaster are probably destined to be the same, just my thoughts.
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    how much did the aerator cost?
  5. GMLC

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    Sorry didnt get a price on the aerator.
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    great pics! looking forward to hearing the review on the exmark 30"

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