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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by turfsolutions, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. turfsolutions

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    Going into the aeration / overseeding season I would like to know what variety and more specifically cultivar everyone is going with this season for the following conditions:

    Sun no irrigation

    Sun with irrigation

    Shade no irrigation

    Shade with irrigation

    I have personally been leaning towards tall fescue for all sun applications. It has excellent tolerance to disease and drought. Perennial Rye comes up quick, but just takes a beating come stress periods, especially with disease. Kentucky blue grass is beutiful, but without irrigation, very difficult to establish and maintain. For shade I pretty much use a mix of fine fescues.

    I personally don't have any specific cultivars I use but would like to hear successes and failures with specific cultivars. Looking forward to a lot of responses.
  2. Runner

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    I'm just leaning toward the tall Fescue for everything. This stuff is like "Supergrass". There seems to be a trend going toward more of that, also. Just with the heat and dry conditions so many of us have seen over the last few years, it just seems like a logical approach.
  3. ChickensDoo

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    Tall fescue blends are the way to go in the Transition Zone. Tall fescue is great for overseeding tired, stressed bluegrass lawns.

    On bare soil, I like to use a mixture containing 5-10% Ky bluegrass by weight. The bluegrass fills in between the fescue and makes for a good lawn.

    In dense shade, I seed with the tall fescue AND a shade mixture containing fine fescues. May the strong survive.

    As far as cultivars go, I look for 3way blends that have one or more varieties that score well in NTEP trials for my area. Once the fescue is up and growing, I think most turf professionals would have a tough time distinguishing one cultivar from another.....
  4. lordohturf

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    Turf type tall fescue showed better than any of the fine leaf fescues in shade at the Ohio State University field studies.

    In bluegrass lawns it may take several years of overseeding with
    fescue for the fescue to dominate the turf.
  5. turfsolutions

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    I always thought of tall fescue grass as a full sun choice. Its interesting that more people are using TF for the shady conditions. I have not seen any research on TF being used in shade, but would love to see some. I have changed to mostly tall fescue this year except in very shady conditions where I have been using the fine fescues. I guess I should start throwing down some TF in the more densely shaded areas as well to see how it does. Curious to know how many guys use TF in the shade? Thanks for the replies, hope to get some more.

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