Coping around a vinyl liner pool.

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by jbailey52, Jan 30, 2012.

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    also for the really old vinyl pools - it's hard to unscrew the coping from the steel sidewalls. Usually the sheet metal screws are rusted, and we end up cutting them with the cut off saw. The recycling of the steel and aluminum from our jobs is what finances 100% of my son's motocross, thats how I know about seperating these components :)
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    SVA's pic is the first vinyl pool I've ever seen with tile! As well as concrete steps!

    But most of our work is with 20-40 yr old pools.

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    The tile was a cool touch, first I had seen that application as well.
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    Its going to stay for now.. Im not over laying the concrete decking, so when the time comes, it will all be removed the right way. The pool is 10 years old ( I have been in the house almost 3) and I was asking the local pool guy about the pool and how its constructed Etc.. turns out he put the pool in. He is going to email me some pictures of the construction techniques ... but as was stated the PVC bullnose that the liner snaps into, was put into the wet concrete of the deck... so you cannot remove the concrete without removing this (unless you leave that 10" or so around the pool.. A lotta work to finish off the backyard. We started construction of the outdoor bar last week.. Ill put pics up soon
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    Leaving it alone and doing nothing with it is the best way to go.

    Pools are like campers - They just sit in the yard and are hardly used.

    Pools are like boats - Boats are taken out a few times during the warm season.

    And pools are like pool tables - only used when company comes over.

    But see with the 3 aforementioned - you can sell those items, worst case give it away. You can't do that with pools.

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    and we all know that the two happiest days of a boat owners life are;
    1. the day he gets the boat
    2. the day he sells the boat

    b.o.a.t = bust out another thousand
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    LOL I initially had that in my response!! But I shortened it. I try not to write a 5 page book like our buddy from out west!

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    Very cool work..Love how you combinded the best of both types of pools into one..

    I am gonna PM you and pick your brain on a project that I cant seem how to figure out what to do..
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    hi everyone,

    this thread is the closest I've see to almost addressing my situation. I have a vinyl Foxx pool with white coping and concrete deck. I want to renovate,and maybe use something like this.

    problem is this needs to slide down a flat faced pool coping. So my thought is get a big circular saw and slice the semi circle coping as flat as I can. Anybody think this is a bad idea?
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    Dude, that plastic Coping is what hold the liner in place. Leave it alone.
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