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    Phfffffft Round it, sand it, flux it, solder it. Just use an MC or B tank with a hose and not one of those low budget torches.
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    In my old neighborhood around here I saw the water company replace a water meter by crimping the copper pipe shut and then opening it up again, all with live water pressure at maybe 120 psi.

    Of course, it was kind of an emergency since my attempt at turning the neighbor's water off at the meter to help him install a shut-off at the house is what broke the old curb stop valve and pipe :)
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    Yup. Seen this done here too.

    I run into oval or egg shaped copper pipe once in awhile. Channel locks, a deep socket from my tool box, a towel to keep the scratches away and a little patience works pretty well for shaping copper pipe.

    Shade tree mechanic, I am.:)
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    Swedging irons work well. They are used to put a flair on copper tubing. Just drive it in far enough to round the pipe but NOT make the flair. You may be able to borrow one from your local water utility or commercial plumber. No need to blame the plumber. It is the nature of tubing. Go get one.
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    we took my round pair of med channel locks and a rag, lightly crimped in a circle until it was round.

    The solder sealed it up and it's tight. Again I forgot to take pics.
    That install was rough. Everything is 1812's and it's clayyyy

    a new install for tommorow too

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    There ya go. That problem will never stop you again.

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