Cops checking for stolen equip.

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by MOHUSTLER, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. vencops

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    And what if (as was asked, earlier), you were stopped to check for compliance with trailering laws.....and they subsequently ASKED to check your equipment?

    I'll still stand by....I agree with you in principle. But, once I'm stopped/sitting there....I'd comply with their REQUEST to check my equipment.
  2. TLC Inustries

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    You must not have any history of theft, because I would love to see cops checking serial #s. That is what I call pro-active!
  3. Aaronnc

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    Yep, no joke. Around here, stolen equipment is a serious problem. And yeah, regardless of the laws and/or pain in the arse, I'd love to see them do it.

    Hell, I'd roll through with doughnuts and coffee and starting handing out high 5's.
  4. XLS

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    rlee...amen brother amen
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  5. robertsturf

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    Last week a buddy of mine had his whole rig stolen while in storage. Skag Z turns and all hand held equipment plus trailer GONE! Tore up his truck getting it off the trailer etc... Thank goodness for his insurance.
  6. FLAhaulboy

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    Why, you already know your equipment isn't stolen, & I know mine isn't & it'd be a waste of my time checking my equipment. I've no problem if the cop has probable cause to search but they unusually do not have cause to search.
  7. GreenI.A.

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    heres the problem, you know your equipment is legit, and I know mine is, and it would be a waste of time checking ours, but the officer can't tell the difference between our stuff and that that is stolen with out checking the sn. Now I don't agree with any officer being able to check, but if the State police truck team already has me pulled over then they might aswell be able to check when they are checking everything else. I send my trucks out with a bad light (usually 1 reverse light), if the Truck Team here catches you for something simple right away then they will often just give you a ticket and let you go. If they don't find something they'll keep you there untill they do. i had one officer pull out the scales for my truck and trailer to check it, the truck bed was empty and it was an open trailer with a securly strapped bobcat bucket (just the bucket, no skidstear on it). We were doing one job right around the corner from one of the truck teams favorite hiding spots, he pulled over one of my trucks over 3 days in a row, the first day he pulled over all three trucks at once. The rest of the week we got the trucks on site at 7 am before he got there, and made sure we went around the long way if went out during the day
  8. topsites

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    Here's the thing too, a police officer should be able to search a vehicle for NO reason.
    When you stop and think about it, they should have that much authority, if an officer even remotely suspects wrong doing...

    Then we had the problems:
    1. The thieves who, just like you, swore up and down the equipment was theirs (and why did the cop search my car?).
    2. The cop who abused his or her authority, or the cop who accidentally searched a bit too far (as they say).

    Hence, probable cause.

    Which, I'll give you that probable cause is the biggest load of crap excuse of a flimsy
    reason why they can now supposedly search your vehicle, no argument there.
    But, it's just the way it is.
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  9. FLAhaulboy

    FLAhaulboy LawnSite Senior Member
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    "Here's the thing too, a police officer should be able to search a vehicle for NO reason.
    When you stop and think about it, they should have that much authority, if an officer even remotely suspects wrong doing..."

    Then maybe you you should pack up and move to China, where the cops can do that kind of BS.

    The problem with most LEO's, is they abuse the authority they already have+they lie big time.

    Years ago late one night, I pulled into the closed Lowes store to buy a coke. A cop was parked across the street & he saw exactly what I was doing. He blue lights me in the middle of the parking lot, I stopped, told him I was buying a drink-had it in my hand, I asked why he pulled me over? He said the silent alarm went off inside the store, so he runs my license etc, comes back and tells me I'm free to go, then as were just chatting bout causal stuff he tells me the alarm did not go off in the building & he just used that as an excuse to stop me! I did not say anything but boy was I pissed off afterwards. I've been weary of cops since that time because all it takes is one bad apple cop to make all cops untrust worthy.
  10. GreenI.A.

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    Here's one for you. I used to drive a Black Denali, Lowered, 24" rims, blacked out windows, tinted lenses, 13 LCD Screens, and a slightly louder than stock stereo system. Officers would be shocked when they would walk up to the door and find a white guy in a John Deere shirt driving. One night around 1:00 am I hapenned to be driving by a known drug neighborhood, I was dropping a friend off who lived just past it and needed to drive by it to get back out to the main road.

    An unmarkered car pulls out of the projects and blue lights me. He walks up and asks me why im in that neighborhood. I tell him the truth and he laughs and says he watched me make a drug deal in the projects, I laugh at him and inform him that not only did I not even slow down when driving buy, I am aware their are camara's in the projects that are monitored by the police department and he should check them before making false acusations. He asks if I have any drugs in the vehicle and I say no, then asks to search the vehicle, and I again say no. Not that I had anything to hide but more because I didn't want to deal with him. Then he asks if I had any weapons in the vehicle, I tell him yes, I have my Liceanse to carry and I have a pistol holtered on my right hip and a second secured in a lock bix in the center console. This has never been a problem before, usually the officer cautiosly watches when I reach for my id/ltc. But not this one, next thing i know I have his service pistol 6" from my temple and him ordering me out ot the vehicle. Slams me agains the passenger door and cuffs me. causing a dent and scratch from my pistol hitting the door. The officer says he smells marijuana in the vehicle, which I know is BS as I don't touch any of that stuff.

    As hes patting me down he tells me he has probable cause as he "smells it", I know this is not enough for probable cause so I caution him so. He has two more officers drive out who after talking with him both agree they smell it. I then (a little to cocky) tell them that its bs, and I'll be pressing charges the next day. SO they give me the option of waiting for a dog to come out, or they are going to search it. I warn them that my neice who is routinly in the vehicle is highly alergic to gods, and that I cant have dog hair in the truck. They say either the dog searches it or they do, I still refuse to let them search so they call for a dog. Mean while i'm sitting on the curb waiting, its about 2:30am and i pull out my cell and call my attorney on speaker phone and leave him a voice mail making sure the officers hear me. The dog arives, goes through my vehicle and finds absolutly nothing. They tell me I'm free to go, I get in the truck and laugh and tell them i'll see them in the next few days. Three days later I walk in to the station and hand the supervisor the bill for about $800 for interior detailing to be sure all dog hair and dander was removed and to remove the stain caused when the dog knocked over the can of soda in the cup holder, then I handed him a bill for another $2,500 to have the door replaced and painted as well as the whole exterior detailed and polished to match the new door. I told the supervisor if I did not recieve a check for full reimbursment within 24 hrs, then I would be filing suit aswell as a complaint with the state. The next day I was called and told the chief had a check issued for me, when I went I met with the chief,and was told they accidentally made the check out for 5k, an additional $1,700, and was told they were sorry for any inconvinence, and that their would be no further incidents. I really should of just sued the hell out of them for profiling

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