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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Mike M, Jul 14, 2009.

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    Mike once you compare the Cliptech system to the new Mastercraft 'system' you will see what I mean. With Cliptech you are able to attach and remove the components easily, switch them out on the fly, etc. The new Mastercraft belts are basically pouches that hang from the belt on a loop. Not so good.

    As for the suspenders, laugh all you want... When I am up a tree with a full compliment of tools, a cordless drill, hanger bolts, connectors, and a couple of CAST treelights there will easily be 30-35lbs lbs on that belt... a lot of weight to suspend from your hips and lower back all day long. The suspenders (part of the cliptech system) spread the weight across the shoulders and save a lot of money at the chiropractor!
  2. Pro-Scapes

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    I have back problems (tumors and swollen nerve roots) so carrying a 40 pound belt all day doesnt help matters.

    Laugh at my bucket. Who said I carry it up ? Rope gets clipped to the top rung of ladder and we hoist it up. Once at the top it clips off on the ladder its right there in front of you. No digging around behind you in a belt or in a bunch of pouches you cant see.

    I worked on telephone poles and probably have 5000 poles climbed via ladders and gaffs in my life. I always hated f trying to reach for things and always preffered the diddy bags that hang on the strand and lashings.

    Everyone likes something different. I preffer a tool bag on the ground or a buket boss. It may have something to do with the climate as well. The last thing you want down here in 70% humidity is something cinched around your waist or holding you down.

    Your back on CAST tree lights now James ? What happened to your Jem liters ? Now your on vista too ?
  3. Mike M

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    I'm gonna look into hoisting up a bucket tomorrow and just hanging it on rungs as I go down. Billy, I know you got like a Fred Flintstone lunch in that bucket, too.
  4. Pro-Scapes

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    dont knock my bucket. It is simple and effective. No need to over complicate things.

    Also if you fall with a cast tree light strapped to your side your probably going to redefine body piercing. If I fall I dont want screwdrivers and other tools to pad my fall.
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    Don't worry Billy, you have enough padding. Me on the other hand, I would probbly crack if I fell.

  6. JoeyD

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    Billy you would bounce!!! And your head is way to hard to crack! LOL

  7. Pro-Scapes

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    This is coming from the Cajun who doesnt do tree lights ? and from the Desk Jockey who has every bit as much padding as I do ?

    Thanks guys im not feeling the Love in here.
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    Sorry Billy but that was funny! Have you met Joey in person or just judging his size from those awesome video's of his?

  9. Pro-Scapes

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    Oh yeah I met Joey. In vegas last year for lightfair. I think we both gained a few pounds while there. Nobu and Maggianos are both incredible.
  10. Mark B

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    Talk about someone coming out of the wood pile? Or should I say the canal?

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