Core Aeration And Lawn Sprinklers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by delphied, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. delphied

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    Ive Never Core Aerated Before. I Cant Find Any Posts On Aerating Lawns With Sprinkler Systems. I Know You Dont Want To Hit The Heads But What About The Buried Pipes? How Do You Deal With It?
  2. Elite Lawn Care

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    put this in your contract,
    "AERATION SERVICES (Not Part of Basic Service) may be added by verbal agreement
    Elite Lawn Care is not responsible for damage to subsurface irrigation supply tubes, pipes, hoses, or like plumbing and or wiring from aeration services.

    Elite Lawn Care is not Responsible for sprinkler heads and other emitter means that are damaged from aeration services or other services if such sprinkler heads and emitters are not clearly seen or marked prior to services. "

    always cover your butt
  3. dave k

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    You should mark the heads, wouldn't worry about the pipes since you only go about 3 inches deep, I would be more worried of the shallow phone lines etc, you can always call, "Call B 4 you dig" to play it safe, but I never worry about it myself.
  4. cybervision

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    Give your customer a pack of those orange flags and tell them to put them in right next to the heads. They can run through all their sequences and run around and get each head. Tell them that they are responsible for the identification and as Elite states put it in writing. If they don't want to mark them they should have their Sprinkler company do it. That is how it is done around here.
  5. DSTC

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    I agree with davek.

    We ALWAYS mark the heads ourselves. Regardless of any wording in your contracts, and regardless of what the right thing to do is, you CANNOT rely on the customer to mark the heads themselves. A lot of customers can't even figure out how to turn on the system, much less go zone by zone marking heads.

    If you feel that you need to charge a little extra for your time, then just figure it in to your per hour/acre/1000 sqft charge or however you charge for it.

    Bottom line, you can spend all the time you like making up contracts saying that you aren't responsible and everything else(which I suggest you do also), but this will never stop a customer from dragging your butt into court anyway, costing you downtime and headaches and court costs and possibly an insurance claim.

    If that ever happens, you'll be saying, "Why oh why didn't I just spend a few extra minutes marking those sprinkler heads."

    As far as the utility lines go, there should be some sort of regulation as to how far down they have to be. I hit a cable and a phone line in one of those "cookie cutter" neighborhoods where the contractors did a hurry up job of burying the cables right under the sod :hammerhead: , had the customer call the phone and cable company and raise hell with them instead of me and they came out and reburied the cable at 12" for free.

    You never know when a customer is gonna go postal though, and if you feel safer getting utility lines marked, then go for it. Make sure to call way in advance as those guys take their sweet time getting to the property. I never do it for aeration, but you never know and I probably should.

    I wouldn't worry about irrigation pipes though because most irrigation people are gonna bury them at least 6-8" deep.

    Just my personal experience and thoughts on the matter :)

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