Core aeration # holes per sq ft, and do you sanitize machine between jobs?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Az Gardener, Jun 30, 2010.

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    How many holes per sq ft do you shoot for? I thought 10-12 was reasonable. also does anyone have any time guidelines? How long to aerate 1-K sq ft? I can't figure out what is taking my guys so long. I have good guys that have been with me a while and they are proficient in every other task but they spent 10 man hours on a 22-K sq ft lawn and didn't even finish Now granted we have to flag sprinkler heads but and cover the ground twice with the blue bird to get minimum 10-12 holes per sq. ft. By my recollection when I did the work 20 years ago it seemed to go pretty fast, certainly faster than mowing I thought. We are also running a verti cutter right after to chop up the cores.

    Another question, does anyone clean their equipment between jobs to keep from carrying unwanted pests from one property to another? We have pearl scale out here, a nasty little bugger that is almost impossible to kill so we thoroughly clean and do a 50/50 bleach spray between each job. Kills us on the small jobs because you spend as much time cleaning as you do aerating.
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    Last time I was involved in core aeration work, the machine was washed off at the jobsite. Heaven help the lawn professional that transfers nutsedge or kyllinga to a lawn that does not presently have it. People here get really pissy if they think you gave their lawn nutsedge.
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    10 to 12 holes is good for home lawns and you should try for 2 plus inches deep. Rolling aerators will give you 6 holes per sq ft so two passes with get you there. Also rolling aerators do a ripping action under the surface that increases air flow and root growth.

    I can see why they are slow using a blue bird aerator they can be back killers. But, even at that the machine should do several thousand sq. ft. per hour.
    Cleaning is a good idea and soapy water with clorox plus would work.
    A quick way to clean them is to roll the unit ahead slowly as you spray it with a pressure washer so you can get each time individually. Usually takes me a few minutes
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    if my memory serves me correctly me and 1 guy do a 22k yard in an hour

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