Core aeration in the middle of August?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by David Haggerty, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. It'd been raining enough so I thought why not?
    Aerated close to 3 acres yesterday. Pulled good cores of 1 1/4 to 1 1/2" long.

    Showers are in the forecast all this week.
    I sure hope they make it.

    Is anyone else aerating?
    Any good reasons why I shouldn't?
    Other than the dreaded "dead lawn" syndrome?

  2. GLAN

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    This year

    Nothing wrong with aerating. Truth is with all the rain your doing your lawn a favor by allowing it to finaly breath.
  3. mowdini

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    No problem aerating in August. This is NOT your typical year with all the rain we've had. Ground is soft and I say "Go for it!!!"
  4. Thanks for the replies.
    I didn't think I'd be hurting anything but I thought I'd check.

    I did find one problem I'd overlooked. "Invisible Dog Fence"

    I didn't see no stinkin' invisible fence!:rolleyes:
    I told them "get it repaired and send me the bill"

  5. TLS

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    Those invisible fences SHOULD be a lot deeper than 2" or so! I'd check with some companies and see if they say how deep they install them.

    Sounds like they skimped in areas and didn't go very deep.
  6. Strawbridge Lawn

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    I begin aerating with seed/lawn renovations Sept 5 to about Oct 25 here in SE Virginia. Depends on temps as to when we quit. Probably early this year my guess.

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    plug in make money
  8. That's what I would think too. I'm going to check to see what's standard depth. Maybe they could have a wire plowed in deeper than aeration depth.

    Strawbridge Lawn;
    That's the time frame I usually aerate too. I was just trying to get a jump on the season. Maybe aerate twice. These lawns sure need it. I'm going to try topdressing and dragging some coarse sand this fall too.

    Thanks everybody for the replies.
  9. Grasshog

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    Aeration in August. to be honest this has crossed my mine. Let us know how it turns out. Only thing I would be concerned about would be soil temp.
  10. lightninglawncare

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    what time should you aerate normally?

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