Core Aerators


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I know that Ryan and Turfco make a good brand


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I have the Bluebird model. Pulls good plugs, but only 18" or so wide and will work you to death. My next one will be a Plugr by Rock Solid. Definetely check into these. The Classen will be my next choice for a pull behind. I have a Turfvent now and am not happy with it.

Premo Services

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For the walk behind variety, I have a lesco split drive core aerator and it does a good job and the split drive makes it easier to turn at the end of passes.

Five Diamond Lawns

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Don't get the BillyGoat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I bought one a season a go, used it sparingly last year, and have used it a fair amount this last month.

Been in for service - 21 times
This last month(after the 1 year warranty ran out - $450 repair
This last month - $225 rental to meet obligations while it was being repaired.

THEY ARE A PIECE OF JUNK !!!!!!!!:( :(


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i use bluebird and they are hard to control, ive also used ryan, if i ever buy one it will be a plugger


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I used a BlueBird and it did a good job but was horrible to manuever. Back was sore for two days. Maybe it was old, although it looked recent, but you had to pick it up to make EVERY turn! Won't be going that route again.