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  1. Andrew S

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    I have just bought a ute to do coring fulltime to compliment the mowing side of my business.

    There is no one else in my area that offers this service,at the moment I am fully booked for the next few weeks.

    My question is in two parts.

    1. I have a leaflets distributed into my target areas to keep enquirys coming in.what other ways of advertising can I use?

    2.I am spending a lot of time pricing jobs and talking to new people.Ihave been tempted to use a "standard price" per each area so I do not spend too much time quoting.The only thing on this is that I will underprice some jobs and this is not acceptable.

    what ways can I increase my turnover on coring without compromising on price and wasting too much time pricing jobs
  2. 1grnlwn

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    Are you taking machine with you? Go with the attitude , I am here to aerate your property, sure I will give you a price before I start. Don't give them time to shop around. Has worked better for me.

  3. Gravely_Man

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    Sounds like you may need to hire an employee if you are too busy quoting jobs and not having enough time to do the actual work. That is a great problem to have.


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