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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by turbo5560, Jan 18, 2008.

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    i have a lawn that i would love to try this on as the owners are very into organic gardening....

    I was wondering where could i buy it in ny?

    did some searches and came up empty...

    is there a diffrence between the product that is lisenced to distribute it as a pre emergent and the kind farmers feed to their animals?
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    There is no difference, except the price. Check with your local seed and feed store.

    Try this list:
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    thanks everyone

    best price i found is 45 dollars for a 50 pound bag

    no luck finding it as feed called 15 feed suppliers, only the lisenced preemergent
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    That prices is too high. I would keep checking with feed stores and your local horse farm.

    Here are a couple cheaper options:,149,93.aspx Gluten Meal 10-0-0 (Granulated)

    None are cheap when you have to pay for the shipping.
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    Is this true? I plan to use CGM in the spring then AACT at least 4 times per year so my expected microbial soil activity will be high.

    Do I need to rethink my program?
  9. Gerry Miller

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    For best results, you need to activate the CGM by watering it in the soil. Then it needs to be followed by a dry period, like about 10 to 14 days. After that, your watering should follow a weekly schedule of one inch per week, on average.

    It takes about 3 weeks for the soil organisms to break down most protein meals and you should apply your AACT approximately 3 weeks after you've applied your CGM.
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    I don't know what it's used for in Lawn apps. But, I used to work in a plant that made it.

    They first soak corn kernnels in a water bath that has a small amount of Sulfer bubbled through it.

    Then they run through a plate grinder to create a slurry.

    Next they run it over screens to remove the Germ and hull. Stuff that get's stuck in your teeth in Popcorn.

    Wash the Hull and germ and screen it again. Liquid goes with the liquid that was previously removed.

    From here, the liquid that contains the Corn Gluten Meal and the Starch is run through centrefuges to seperate the two.

    Then it is washed through pods of Cyclonets that are basicly very small centrefuges that work by the speed of the material being pumped through them. Nothing moves inside them. Just the spinning water into small tornado shapped plastic inserts.

    Then, the Starch goes one way and the Corn Gluten Meal goes the other.

    Corn gluten Meal is then pumped to a department that has large drum filter clothes. The CGM is in a bath while the drum rotates around in it. Drum has a vacume on it. Picking up the material and rotating around the drum while being Dewatered. On the other side it comes off the drum as a cake. 1/4in thick that goes off into a rotating dryer. Af

    After Drying it is run through a hammermill for sizing and either loaded straight to rail cars for shipping. Or run through a Pelletizing mill for chicken feed.

    CGM is used for Feed additives for many things. Because of the High Protein content. So, any type of feed, it's usually in. It's also what you see farmers throwing out on the ground when feeding chickens the old fashioned way. It is also used as a pigment because of it's Neon Yellow color.

    One other thing. If it get's wet and sits it ROT's very quickly. And, also flies will lay eggs in it and create Maggots if allowed access. We had MILLIONS of flies because of this. And the smell after a couple day's is horrendous.

    It is a Secondary Product. As in the reason to grind corn is for the Starch to create Corn Syrups for Mostly the Beer and Soda Industry's.

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