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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by rugmankc, Aug 30, 2008.

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    well, i learned a little reading those 10 pages of mess. it's too bad the moderator couldn't pull out all the meaningless banter, name calling, and my brain is larger than yours statements. it would save me so much time.

    here is my question:

    once you have this barrier set in place from CGM after say 3 years how can you seed at all? from my understanding it isn't selective in inhibiting seed germination whether it is bluegrass or crabgrass.
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    good luck with an answer on that one.
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    I am going to show a bit of ignorance here but heregoes, I just run the joint, I'm not a Phd

    CGM has an effective window, as a pre-m, of maybe 8 weeks, 10 weeks if it doesn't rain much and the soil stays cooler

    Liquid CGM has an effective window of 5 to 7 weeks again depending on temps and rain

    Exactly why the Gluten is more effective year after year is not clear. testing does show that fact but why I am not sure why personally

    I have had more than one landscaper say that they can very successfly slit seed into yards that have had Gluten put down

    Ask me this question next year and I will have an answer for you, right now we are all hands on deck, spring has sprung

    Calling Dr. Christians......... Dr. Christians are you there???
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    ;) I didn't know about this "permanent" barrier:rolleyes: ... whoops.

    I was thinking more like a few weeks or a couple months.
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    The mode of action of cgm is to spend the seed isnt it?... by "spend the seed" I mean is to let it germinate and then root prune it or kill the seedlings first pilot root by somehow dehydrating it or something. Couldn't this eventually kill and use up all of the seeds in the treated area?

    I was thinking that would explain the gradual increase in success rate. I just kinda made that up tho its NOT based on any true scientific findings or anything I just figured it made some sense.:)
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    It does not make a permanant barrier
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    If CGM really does "build up" over the years... why is no-one concerned about the build up preventing their grass seed from germinating?

    On site effectiveness of CGM is highly theoretical right now. IMO just overseed, water correctly, and coach the customer to mow at the correct height.
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    Given the above, the following makes zero sense.

    Either the compound is persistent or it is not, you can't have it both ways. Based on what I have read in the research, it is not persistent.

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