Corn Glutten? Kinda useless?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by JFGauvreau, Apr 5, 2013.

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    Hopefully, JFGauvreau, the good citizens of Canada will tire of this government over-reach and demand that lawmakers reverse these ridiculous bans on simple, well-proven pesticides. Until then, I bet the Allergists are busy.:canadaflag:
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    If Canada goes back to sense,,, before we follow them into stupidity,,, I'll buy you 3 beers... :)
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    Well all hope is not lost for Canada. At least they realized that getting oil out of the ground puts people to work and helps the economy.
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    That was a whole lot of your typical uninformed gibberish. I grow weary of your incessant bad information and misleading advice. I also grow weary of you badmouthing universities, anyone who disagrees with you and generally bashing anything you don't understand. There isn't a thread I have seen you participate in where one, usually all, of the above apply. Does that about cover it?

    Oh, and I'm not a plumber you tool.
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    One thing you have to understand is the crude oil we extract from the soil is actually sent to China, cheaper labor over there to refine it. Then they sell it back to us once they have refine the oil. We have a lot of good natural resources. Alberta is pumping oil like there is no tomorrow, the province is the only one that has little or no taxes at all. Very rich province. But we are lacking revenue from province that do not contribute to the donation of money to Canada. East coat provinces (Quebec, Newfoundland, New Brunswick etc) They are not doing anything apart from drinking beer and collecting 800$ every month from the government) So everyone else on the west that actually makes a living and work hard, must pay taxes in order to pay a salary to those who doesn't do F-ALL with their lives.

    But our government is still stupid enough to keep giving them a pay every month.

    Canada is just to easy on people noways, we are WAY to friendly to outsiders. It is very easy for outsiders to come live in Canada, and we respect and accept WAY to much their religions and beliefs.
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    JFGauvreau - I don't know how much goes to China (I know there is an issue with a lack of Canadian ports on the west coast). But I do know that much of the Alberta oil comes into the USA and specifically, to Michigan. A major refinery in the Detroit suburbs recently underwent many millions of dollars of up-grades to process that oil. So, when you guys come to shop here and fill your vehicles, I guess you could say your buying back your oil, lol.

    I'm quite familiar with the issues with Quebec and the maritimes (I spent many years playing hockey in Ontario, and still have many Canadian friends). If you want to see a country that is too friendly to outsiders, come on over and I'll show you what you guys are going to deal with in a short time. There is a suburb in Detroit that when you drive down the road , you think you're in Baghdad. That, along with our porous southern border will be the downfall of the USA. Then Canada will shortly follow.:cry:
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    Getting back to weed control in Canada; seeding with the proper turf type, mowing high, and proper nutrition, irrigation and aeration will help reduce many weeds. You will soon have another tool to use in Canada, ADIOS Weed Killer will most likely be approved for use this year.

    McGill University did the research in developing this all natural selective post-emergent herbicide. McGill also owns the patent.
    It was approved in the US last year and is EPA Exempt. We sent samples for field tests to several of our landscapers & LCOs and they were pleased with the results.
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    What was that you were saying about bashing other people? :nono:
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    Does anybody know which grasses claim to be tighter and more weed resistant? Does anybody care to experiment and compare several cultivars of blue and rye for weed resistance?
    How would you compare?
    Perhaps establish a roll of sod from a few different sod farms...then overseed with dandelions or crabgrass...count weeds after a few weeks. Cultivars have to be known of course.

    Or, if you can find a Kentucky buegrass cultivar that is resistant to poa annua or claims to be--can we assume it is resistant to invasions by other weeds also?
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    When the first words out of the mouth calls me a horse's @... ,,, I usually ignore them,,, but sometimes I respond in kind,,, either way those comments do not come from PEOPLE...

    When I criticize CGM,,, it is based on its merit, not on my feelings...
    and as long as you are here tell us about the success stories of CGM and how it prevented CG and allowed you to germinate turf grass over the 2 years required to get 80% function...
    We'd love pictures also...

    Speaking of gov't corruption and waste,,, check out the money going to IA Uni. to recreate(artificially) a pre-m becuz artificially created pre-m is unacceptable...
    I don't know if that is technically irony or not,,, so instead of calling it ironic I just call it stupid... if anyone is feeling 'bashed' becuz I ridicule gov't waste, then I guess that is how you feel... not being PC about some pansy's emotions,,, is not the same as bashing...

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