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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by ABeez, Mar 30, 2008.

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    I am new to the lawn service industry and want to start organically instead of going the chemical route.

    There are plenty of chemical companies that can handle that side of the business. We have True Green Chem Lawn, Lawn Doctor, Scott's, etc.

    I understand each yard is different and application plans and products should be adjusted for each situation, but I want to put together a really great annual plan including Aeration, Over-seeding, Organic Fertilizers, Compost Tea, Corn Meal Gluten, etc.

    In this area we have clay and at least one if not two aeration treatments are needed each year. I read aeration should be timed in the spring or fall or both when the grass is fairly active.

    My question is how do I time the application of spring and fall CMG with Aeration and Over-seeding if CMG keeps the seeds from growing roots after germination? I do believe I need to Aerate and Over-seed at the same time to help break down the clay soil.

    Also any help on how to use Compost Tea and Fertilizer together would be great. Should they be used together or alternated each month or is the fertilizer not really needed?

    I was planning on using a liquid fertilizer or Bradfield OrganicsĀ® Luscious Lawn & Garden.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Abeez, I'l get to your email later today or tomorrow morning

    This is the university that patented the use of CGM, they have a lot of data on application rates and when to apply. This was patented in 1992 so there is a lot of data on different grasses and soil types on this site

    I get the "can I add fert's to compost tea" question a lot, the basic answer is yes. Just try to keep it in small NPK amounts.

    Herbicides may not be made to kill fungi and such but some types are extremely corrosive (very acid) and have profound (bad) effects on bacterial numbers.

    Fungicides are .....well fungicides, have you ever read the label on fungicides. potent stuff that should not be inhaled.

    I like the Bradfield line, their alfalfa meal supplies great proteins and carb's to the microorganisms and gives a nice green up too.
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    Thanks Bill.

    I appreciate your time and knowledge share on this site.


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