Cornell Researchers Identify Natural Herbicide That Controls Weeds

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    Talk about organic lawn care!!!

    Posted 16 November 2007. Applied Turfgrass Science.
    Cornell Researchers Identify Natural Herbicide That Controls Weeds Around Some Common Lawn Grasses
    Cornell University.
    Ithaca, New York (October 26, 2007)--Certain varieties of common fescue lawn grass come equipped with their own natural broad-spectrum herbicide that inhibits the growth of weeds and other plants around them.

    Cornell researchers have identified the herbicide as an amino acid called meta-tyrosine, or m-tyrosine, that these lawn grasses exude from their roots in large amounts. This amino acid is a close relative of para-tyrosine (p-tyrosine), one of the 20 common amino acids that form proteins.

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  2. Gerry Miller

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    What happens to that "herbicidal" tyrosine if you have a million million bacteria per teaspoon (or gram) of soil growing around the roots of that plant?

    Let's not forget the fungi too........

    These researchers are oblivious to the fact that in the real world, there are other organisms out there.......
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    That was a good article. This phenomenon was talked about in pine trees and a couple of others back when I studied. It was also suspected that this was one more built in survival element of all plants.
    So we will be breeding super fescues based on the genetic ability to be just that much more aggressive.
    Questions remain in that what does this do to KBG and which fescue varieties did they notice it in?

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