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    Our company has been in the Agricultural byproducts industry for ~20 years now. Once you are in this group this long you find some very interesting things.

    What did I find? In my networking with other inventors I found a man that has been testing a fabric made from 100% CORN! This fabric has the following characteristics:

    Wicks water away from your body. Cotton does not. What does this mean?
    Example: You wash your Cotton shirts and then wash a shirt made from Corn.
    Hang both items up, the Corn fabric dries in about 2 hours while the cotton is still very wet. This keeps you dryer in the field and thus more comfortable.

    Is more durable than Cotton Corn Fabric does not produce lint, or shrink! This equals a much longer lasting shirt.

    Is softer than cotton. Corn Fabric feels much more comfortable than cotton. We received our first run of shirts just before a trade show. Our staff put them on and were extremely pleased with the feel and comfort.

    Keeps you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Corn Fabric for a variety of reasons, as like a thin layer of insulation. Example: In the winter I commonly wear a long sleeve T-Shirt and a sweater. I put the short sleeve T-Shirt and I was much warmer with that than the long sleeve I just had on.

    So to recap, longer lasting, softer, more durable and more comfortable.

    What's the draw back? Since this fabric has all the above characteristic's costs more than cotton. If you compare a very high quality cotton then it's much closer.

    Right now it is available in any color you want as long as it is white. Yes, this is new and very exciting. Colors are coming but will not be available for a number of weeks yet.

    We do provide silk screening and/or stitching and do have 3 items available
    Golf Shirts
    Mock Turtles (Long sleeve T's which are slightly thicker)

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    that is pretty cool :)

    I would love to try them just to see the difference
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    All you need to do to order is pm me and attach your logo and if you want it stitched or screened.

    Let me know the sizes and types

    T-Shirts S M L XL XXL HOW MANY ______
    Golf Shirts S M L XL XXL HOW MANY ______
    Mock Turtles S M L XL XXL HOW MANY ______

    As long as they are white (for now) they can ship quite quickly.

    With this data I can get you pricing and delivery within a few hours.

    We are going to announce the expected availability dates of windbreakers, light weight cargo pants, jackets and hats within the week.
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    Any updates/new development on shirts yet?
    Are they still only in white?
    Have a site we can visit to find out more?

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