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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Landscape Poet, Dec 8, 2011.

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    So here is the thing. My family is in town for a little visit. Of course we are hitting up the usual suspect like Disney. As I was buying my Niece all the Disney crap that she wanted, I started noticing over and over how much of these products are made over seas.

    With FL economy sucking ass the way it does right now. Could Disney not make a huge difference if they opened up shop and insisted all these dolls be made in FL - in the Orlando Market - Back in Walt's hometown of marceline missouri? At least somewhere in the STATES?

    The profit margins would still be there in my opinion do to the high cost of these dolls, key chains etc anyway....but even if they were $2 higher each item, for God's sake if your kid is kicking and screaming that they want it, $2 is not going to stop you from buying a item you already know is over priced right! I mean you are already paying $9 a beer at Disney, is paying $12.99 for the doll instead of $10.99 going to add up to that much on your $3K vacation to Orlando?

    Would this not be the appropriate thing for Disney to do in order to provide good corporate citizenship? Would this not be a great opportunity for them to run a made in FL, made in America campaign? Lord knows that if we actually produced some kind of good here in FL instead of just being serviced based, it would not be a bad thing, and what is a better way than supplying a local theme park with the billions they sell in merchandise. I would venture to say of course there would be other things Disney could take pride in with this child labor issue, think of the ecological savings by not transporting all that merchandise in plane and boats from overseas!

    Last but not least - if you agree - how would you - how could you approach Disney with these ideas?

    Your Thoughts
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    Mike I am sure they would love to be able to manufacture things made in the USA. Problem is our gov has become so huge and consumes so much money it needs to tax and cripple corporations with fees and permits etc. To feed it's appetite Which makes it almost impossible to make products here and be competitive or profitable. Add in union burdens and the EPA and forget about it. Oh and good luck finding people willing to work manufacturing jobs for small pay checks, they would rather let others pay their way then take a job and work their way up the ladder. They do market research all the time and if they thought they could get another two bucks a doll they would raise the price and keep manufacturing over seas. They know exactly what the sweet spot is when it comes to maximizing sales and pricing merchandise.
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    Fl Scapes said it perfectly.
    My family works for Government Motors and he used to make $30 per hour at the Janesville, Wi. location.
    That plant closed and he was transferred to another now making only 18 per hour.
    Im sure we can make goods here for 18 per hour! But its the communist government we have that jacks up the price.
    The business tax in China is way cheaper.
    Oh and the the liberals that want a communist country as China maybe you should talk to my inlaws that have been around the world a dozen times or more and they can tell you all you want to know about socialism and comunism.
  4. phasthound

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    My in-laws thank God that they were able to get out of China and are grateful for the opportunities they have here in the US.
  5. fl-landscapes

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    I'm am thankful every day for being born in this great country. Just not sure if we are becoming greater or less great. The future at this point is in question especially the near future. We have great opportunity but will our children have the same?
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  6. Patriot Services

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    I just got nauseous. Legislation is in the works to allow mega casinos. Just what we don't need. Now don't give me the construction and casino jobs will give way to tourism dollars crap. Nevada is right with us in foreclosure and unemployment.
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  7. Ric

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    Sorry but IMHO $ 18.00 an hour is still way over payment for unskilled labor. With a little effort you can train Monkeys to do the same work. The Union are just as guilty for our lack of industry and globalization. Ford Motors oOut sourced a robotic assembly plant to Brazil. Not because of Cheap Labor, but lack of objection to automated assembly. BTW Brazil is a first world country with a standard of living very similar to the USA.

    BTW go to pesticide Forum and read the Post about working under someone else Pesticide License. The OP wasn't interested in actually working toward getting his own license legally, But rather how he could beat the system with a Illegal Rent A License. I am sorry but that seems to be attitude of people today, They want everything handed to them and don't want to work for anything.

  8. unkownfl

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    I really don't see why someone has to work for someone else in order to get that license. If you have a degree and pass a test then the license should be given. Don't you still have to work for someone for at least a year Ric? Have you been to Brazil? I don't see how that is the closest standard of living compared to the US or we have came down a few notches without me noticing I guess...
  9. gregory

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    i agree with both ric and fl. and i will add this our own fault between our goverment and the walmart type we have become we dont want something that is going to last we want cheap...
  10. Johnagain

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    I know I'm not Ric but I have been to Brazil a number of times. The standard of living is very high in most parts of Brazil, but the parts we are often shown on tv are they very poor parts. The best thing that Brazil does is tax the crap out of imports. When we were shipping equipment to them the import tariffs would be almost 100% of purchase price. This has made Brazil one of the very few countries that is self sufficient. Other than America, Brazil would be the only other country I would ever think about living in.

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