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    Initially in the Untited States, laws were established to protect people from the tyrany of their fellow man, however, once in place there is no mechanism that protects people from the tyrany of the law and government.
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    Mike, let me play devils advocate. You have talked and outlined many times how you operate the sod part of your business. You sub it out and don't do any physical work but are able to get such a good deal from the installer that you can just sell the job, mark it up and collect a check. How many foreigners work for that company you sub too laying sod or in the sod fields? We all know all these sod companies are using foreigners if not outright illegals. Especially one that does cheap work. Do you think you should take your own advice, hire some American workers and start doing sod installs at a higher price? I mean, I am sure just like you would be happy to pay more for Disney dolls made in fl I am sure people would be happy to pay more for sod if it was being laid by non illegals. Probably not and like Disney I am sure you like your profit margin.
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    I make my margins by using undocumented labor and stiffing them on their pay. let em sue me. (JK)
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    very good point....
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    The United States was founded on the principles of protecting man from the tyranny of Government. The very idea and purpose of the Constitutions was to protect people from the tyranny of Government by placing actual limits on the Government before any other laws were even written. (Something very unique in world history)

    And there is a mechanism in place to protect the people from the tyranny of law and government... its voting. Our system doesn't always work out perfect, but its sure better than anything else that's been tried in the last 6000 years or so.
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    Although the company that I use is owned and operated by a hispanic family - they are citizens - at least the owner and son in law which do a majority of the work - there is a brother in law that I am not sure about however so I guess your point is valid to a degree in regards to this manner, except the sod work is being done at market rate already or above. The sod farm itself - I can not speak of as I do not know anything about the workers there as they are down south further than I will drive, the owner I can tell you is most likely a legal resident unless other countrymen have developed our southern twang in their English as I have had many conversations with him.

    Your point is valid but a little off directed at my business for the above mentioned reason. However as stated I am not positive every aspect of the process is ran by legal citizens.

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