correct or wrong way to mulch

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by DiSantolandscaping, Aug 20, 2011.

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    so theres this company thats been around here for many many years, and they have a lot of the big locations that they do where they send five mowers to do the jobs an so on. well they do the casino where my mother works, and they now no longer do that because they didnt do the work to the likings of the guy in charge. Another location they do there mulch looks like two foot high volcanos. I was alwasy told you want to put your ring on the outside of the trench and taped towards the trunk of the tree to help water run off run towards thetree. or does it not matter.
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    The ring for a new supposed to be in the dirt. Why people started doing it with mulch I'll never know. Some townships actually require it in the The only time a tapered IN mulch ring will make a difference is on a newly installed very large tree....only directing water flow during periods of excessive rainfall.
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    The biggest blunders I see lately are too much mulch. 6" is way too much and it usually looks like mashed potatoes. Piled right up to every plant and tree is common too. No established edge, it just sort of tapers into the grass. Seen plenty of mulch monkey jobs.:usflag:

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