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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawnalternatives, Aug 31, 2003.

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    I believe this question should be dedicated to the Exmark guy that I see responding so often. I have had a 36" Scag belt drive for the last three years. I have just purchased a 48" Lazer HP. Please give me instructions on the correct method of zero-turning with a rider. I know plenty of guys who have plenty of opinions, but everynow and then I still tear the turf.
  2. rodfather

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    Do not try making a 180 degree turn like you might with a hydro WB...make a "K" style type turn with a Z to eliminate making a divot.
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  4. rodfather

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  5. Lawnalternatives

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    Thanks guys. That is one of the versions I keep hearing. I will incorporate it soon.

    Wisdom comes through knowledge not through age!
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    And, you can try what my friend has been doing for a while, and I’ve been trying, too. It may not be quite as efficient for “cutting the actual grass”, but it does offer two pluses. What we are doing is the following. We make one pass, then continue moving and make a wide 180 turn. Now make another pass leaving (approximately) a “cut width” of grass. We continue this until we reach the end of the property.
    Now we go back and repeat the procedure “wide turning” and cutting all the left behind strips of uncut grass.
    The final look is like a double wide mower, but still with nice stripping. The advantages are you don’t lose time stopping in the turns, and you never divot the grass. It works terrific for lawns that have wimpy grass, and demand a non-divoting cut.
    All and all, it seems to be a faster cut by not losing time turning the machine around.
  7. pinnacle

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    Anouther one to Try is durring your 180 turn have both wheels moving in opposit directions opposed to pivoting on one stoped wheel.

    Really all depends on the turf but all these methods work.
  8. Doc Pete

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    Rodfather is suggesting k turning because most of the newer ZTR's with wide tires and smaller wheelbases (48 and 52) will divot less than very strong grass if you try to "zero turn" it, which is what you are describing. Also, as I mentioned, zero turning and k turning is a time consuming process, especially on smaller lawns.
  9. Flex-Deck

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    Modern Tractors can do the K turn and etc turns , and in fact the all wheel steers do a 180 without digging. I thought ZTR's were more maneuverable than that. :p :p
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    Yes and you will always do some damage. Even the best will lose concentration and foul up. It' s when you think you are good and stop checking that the real damage will show up.

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