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    Hey guys. I'm generally a lurker on this forum, but I am hoping to obtain some of the sage wisdom that is present here. I am looking for the most cost effective ways to generate dramatic growth within my small business for the 2014 season. As lawnsite member SeanAdams points out here in his article, it is up to you to decide to succeed, and you must have a plan to do so.

    A little bit of history about myself and company is that I have been actively doing landscape work for over 15 years part-time. I've been running a sole-prop landscaping business for the last two years. I am contemplating making the leap to full-time if I can create the work to support it. I am currently a graphic designer for a non-profit and have found quietly working indoors to be quite a challenge.

    I have a tight and lean budget and I want to make investments that will have a great return. I want to make sure the business you would find on my website and promo-materials match the guy(s) that show up. I have a few ideas in mind but wanted to seek insight from those who have tried some of these before and what sort of return they experienced. Any input is greatly appreciated.

    In no particular order, a few of my ideas are:
    • Paint and vinyl letter my truck. It currently has quite a bit of the paint peeling off and looks very out of place in a nice neighborhood.
    • Create new business cards with a calendar based list of services on back-side.
    • Promote/advertise through social media. Primarily Facebook and linkedin.
    • Offer coupons for new customers or new services on website.
    • Offer discounts to get a seed customer in desirable neighborhoods.
    • Visit real-estate agencies for leads on property maintenance.
    • Continue to offer new services to attract new customers. For example, I hope to add a mosquito preventative treatment beginning this spring.

    Are there any essentials I am forgetting? Do any of these sounds like a waste of time? I currently have a website that can be found here. Unfortunately, I was so busy this summer and fall, the site hasn't been updated. I plan to create all my images and coupons in advance this season so this doesn't happen again.

    Thanks again fellas.'

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