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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Goodero, Sep 17, 2009.

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    Please see my post there after... We actually spent $97 per property. No fert with this price.... 1 pass with a blue bird 424.
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    I've been aerating lawns for 20 years and a lot of lawn companys and homeowners who do their own don't do a thorough job, (overlap each pass, circle trees, hug bed edges, curbs, drives and walks, complete the slopes, double passes on weak turf). All of this takes considerable time and intense labor with a walk behind aerator. I price each lawn based on these factors and I'm usually $20-$30 per 1000ft.
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    I'm not picking on you but you bawled at a price that was more then fare. Then you go on to tell the professional's on this site that it was priced too high so you and your neighbor's did the job yourself. You didn't do the job correct and had you DID do it correct, it would have cost you all a extra $100 or so per property. The truth finally comes out and the price the LCO gave you was a fare price. I bet your the type that would let someone do work on your property for free and not even offer them anything. I'm sorry, you'd probably offer them a glass of water then charge them for ice to make it cold. :hammerhead:
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    NOt to hijack this thread but I'm hoping that my work has not been a waste...I overseeding a week ago (cut lawn to 2 in b4 aerating, aerate 3 passes, spread seed, and fertilized) and I know I need to wait a while for it to germinate. My question is I'm nervous my existing lawn is growing where it may be crowding out the seed? I feel that even if teh seed comes through I won't be able to see it because the existing lawn is coming back rather thick? I'm I goign to be ok to continue water twice a day and wait for the seed to germinate? I'm in Upstate ny so the temps have been cool.
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    Waaa Waaa Waaa... You've read me like a book... I've got that cold glass of water waiting for you (no ice)
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    First off, his knowledge is worth something. Do you know how hard it is to get a pesticide license? Do you know how much insurance costs for this? Do you know how much time and money it takes to get schooled in the proper methods and safety for the LCO and the customer? No? I didn't think so.
    Now to jump ahead, you might as well have left the aerator at the rental center. One pass is not enough. Did you do the hard stuff, like in corners and any tight places? And what good was any aerating without fert? The whole purpose is to allow the roots to be able to receive the nutrients and water to survive.
  7. Please_Be_Green

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    1. Obtain training material for both CORE and Category 3b-Turf
    a. Commercial Applicator – CORE Pesticide Training Manual – $30.00
    b. Commercial Category – Landscaping; Ornamental, Turf & Interior Plantscape Pest Control – $30.00


    2. Attend a “Basic Pesticide Applicator Training Course” $95.00

    3. Attend “Category 3B – Turf” Training Course $135.00

    4 Submit the Core Certification Exam Application w/ Proof of completion of the “Basic Pesticide Applicator Training Course”

    6. Submit the Category 3B Exam Application


    7. Take and Pass both the Core and Category 3b Exams receive Full Certification

    You assume too much and you may or may not know what happens when people assume.

    Again, you assume too much. Have you seen my turf? Do you know my fert schedule? Do you have the soil test results? Is my soil compacted? Do I have a thick layer of thatch? When was the last time I had my lawn de-thatched? Aerated? Fert Application? Without this, you cannot possibly know what my turf needs.

    Get off your high horse buddy… You can’t make such general statements to back up a quote.

    Residential turf maintenance is not rocket science. I let my turf speak for itself…
  8. Big Bad Bob

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    Oh boy. Maybe you should go to Sears, get yourself a Crapsman mower and start your own business. You know it all.

    And you made a comment about your neighbor's nutsedge problem. You can't make just one application to get rid of it. It is an ongoing process to get rid of Nutsedge. And you have to know the right time to apply for maximum effectiveness. Kill the sprouts at the wrong time and you just compound the problem.
    And yes, soil tests are essential but making 2 passes has nothing to do with how compacted the soil is. If it's compacted enough to need aeration then it is compacted enough to make at least 2 passes.
    There are so many other factors to this business that I don't have the time here to list them. Good bye.
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    Sums it up, these idiots seem to not know what a business plan is, it's where you figure in what you will charge based on YOUR expenses and what you need to earn for a living. I just don't understand why you [lawn jockey lowballers] would come on here to ask for help that the LCO's on here have worked their ass off to figure out for themselves.
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    This is as dumb as me asking my fav restaurant to charge me 9.95 for a 16 oz steak. I could go on for an hour as to how how ignorant your post is.......

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