Cost for overseeding & aerating

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Goodero, Sep 17, 2009.

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    I sooo no longer have it in me to state EXACTLY what you just did. The OP should paypal you money.
  2. Please_Be_Green

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    Ha ha ha. This forum cracks me up.
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  3. mdlwn1

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    Lets take your 200k income.......$100 per hour. Now add that to your costs...dum da dum dum. Secondly If you feel that your time (at 100 per hour) is best spent aerating your lawn as opposed to paying someone LESS than 100 per hour to do it........then just say that instead of making some emotional plee as opposed to a VALID argument. Third...I've lived most of my life in Jersey...I know who you are. Mcmansion neighbor hood..stretched financially..probably in your late 30's to early 40's...most of the street payin some local chop outfit to do you a favor and stop the grass from getting too high. Im quite sure most of the service groups in your area are pretty bad, but there are some really good ones out's just that they most likely dont want anything to do with your type of customer.
  4. Please_Be_Green

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    You got it. And my portfolio is down about a million
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  5. mdlwn1

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    Too bad.....This landscaper's portfolio is UP 58% It aint rocket science....just something that comes naturally to someone who's job it is to generate revenue......You I would behind a a situation that doesnt change regardless of weather or not you produce results.
  6. Please_Be_Green

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    Amazing and I get gov't bail outs and my bonus's. Thanks for your contribution.
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  7. Big Bad Bob

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    Well then, who's the thief?
  8. khutch

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    I try to keep prices related to what I want to make an hour. I'll prep the lawn at say 45 per hour, aerate at 75-100 per hour, seed and fert at 35 per hour then mark up materials 50-75%.
    At best a 1500 sf postage stamp lawn comes in at $125 and is easy, 5000 sf more like $250 and up. It helps that seed and fert are cheap this year!
  9. piste

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    I do my own too...nursing my aching body from doing mine today...I'm hoping to share with neighbors in the future but even without that I still do my own as it is SO much cheaper...AND it's done by the one guy I know who will do the job

    But I'm afraid I gotta call BS on your claim above. You said your property was in the vicinity of 15,000 sq feet of turf. I have a half acre lot with a good chunk of that turf. No way in this world you did all you claim above in two hours Superman. Not for a job done right. Even if you live next door to the rental place. Even if we assume you do half the job and run it in only one direction and skip the second perpedicular run...I just can't see doing it all in under 2 hours. And left out refilling with gas!! :) I'm about a 10 minute drive to rent mine. From the time I sign the paperwork (exclude the drive there), get it home, unload, aerate two directions, clean it, refilll with gas, load it, and drive back to the rental shop...I arrive about 3.5 hours after I first signed the paperwork. Similar machine to the Bluebird. That does not include spreading seed, nor marking sprinkler heads, nor initial drive time to store.. I do have a pretty hilly lot.
  10. willretire@40

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    Does everyone do double passes? I use a Plugr 850 and I only do a single pass then spread seed. $140 for a 10k sq ft lot (turf is 4k-6k). I am thinking about raising the price a little.

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