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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by T. Matthews, May 15, 2002.

  1. T. Matthews

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    Hi all,

    Just would like some imput on a planting job i'm going to do. I have about 2500 worth of plants to be planted and 5 yds of mulch to spread. I 'm charging 4500 to do the job. Is that to much or not enough?


    T. Matthews
  2. Evan528

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    What kind of prep is nessesary in the area before planting? My price would be about 5400 depending on the level of prep work that must be done.
  3. prairie

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    If there is no prep work to be done your still a little low. Just by my #'s my price would be $5500 with mulch, plants and no prep work. In an existing yard with prep work it would run $6500. Now I can do this because the price of my plants, I get a 50% discount from what the customer would have paid. So they would only be paying me in their eyes $1500 to install it.

    Customer Prairie
    5000-plants 2500-plants
    no install 1500-installing

    $5000 total $6500 total
    $4000-gross profit

    It all depends on the prep work. I once charged a client $10,000 to do a job with only $2500/plants and $500/mulch. For a total of $3000 in material and the rest was prep work and profit. I trive for a 40% profit margin throughout the year to hit. The bigger the job USUALLY the cheaper it will cost the client to have everything installed.

    Hope this helps, I know I was contradicting myself a couple of times, but feel free to ask anymore Q's about it.
  4. strickdad

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    mmmmm dont see how you guys can tell him if its too much or not, he has not said what kinda planting he is doing... he could be installing 5 japanese maples for all we know.. i think you would have a rough time getting 700-900 labor for each japanese maple......
  5. AGLA

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    You have got to understand that there is no set "right price". Many people in this industry think that there are or should be set prices. I do not.
    Pricing should be based upon value.
    The client measures how much they value what you do for them with money. This can be generic work that most landscapers can do equally well or special work that is done in a variety of ways. If they value your way over someone else's they are willing to pay more to get it.
    You measure how much you value getting the job by how little money you will accept to do it. If you have oodles of work you don't value the need to have to do this project. You then see that it will be more profitable if you get it by having a higher price. But, if your truck is going to get repossessed next thursday you need the job you will price accordingly. If you are just starting out, you need to be seen and keep busy...get the job.
    It is foolish to work too cheaply and equally foolish not to have work.

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