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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Weed Busters, Jul 31, 2008.

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    Just wondering what you guys are getting in your area per 1000 sq. ft. for your 5 to 8 application lawn treatment programs. I have been in the ag and aquatic spraying business for over 20 years and am getting into the lawns now with a partner. We don't want to be too much off the mark on the pricing, realizing that fertilizer may double again by next spring.

  2. ICT Bill

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    Ferts will double from the same last year, some are trying to get set prices right now
    good luck, look for an alternative, less inputs
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    If you want my honest opinion...I think you have picked the worst time to get into this business!

    I was just talking to a fella a couple days ago, and my exact words to him was....."If I wasn't already in this business, there is no way I would get in it now!".

    I say this because, not only inputs the highest they have ever been...but I don't think we have seen the highest yet!

    With that said, margins are going to slide a little....and if you are not established how can you compete?

    My prices will be much higher next year, but I have proven myself. Would a new customer pay a PREMIUM to a guy that is just getting in the business and has never applied?

    Those are just the things that go through my head! Maybe I am washed up!

    If you already are in a business such as mowing and are just adding chem a fert you are probably ok...but I just started my Lawn Health business from the ground up...and I don't think I could make it if I was starting right now!
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  5. Weed Busters

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    Guys, I am not getting into this as a business. My buddy has had a lawn care business for years, but has no pesticide license. I am licensed in 7 catagories and have a successful ag, commercial and aquatic spray business but thought I could add a little to his business and add some to my business as well. This would probably be a few customers, mainly his current lawn accounts. We are in a rural area and don't have truegree to compare with, we really don't have anyone around here to compare with. Just want to give his customers a fair price.

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    Prices vary WIDELY based on location and property sizes. Your friend in the lawn care business is leaving the most profiable piece of that pie on the table for someone else. Bad timing, perhaps, but not in the scenario you described.
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    It will be a little tougher with the fert prices...but you will definitly have an upper hand if your buddy is already on a lot of lawns!

    It should really be a pretty easy sale!

    I am from the ag side also (farm and still sell seed, chem and fert on the side).

    You will have a great advantage in turf since you already have a great background and understanding of the products/chemistry portion of the business!

    The application is very important...but knowing what you are applying and why is even more important!

    Good Luck!
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    Best thing you could do is figure YOUR costs, shop YOUR local competitors, and then base it on that information...

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    I am a solo operator in the Midwest using mostly Lebanon Pro-Scape fertilizers with MESA technology and Bayer specialty products. I would consider my program a "premium" one with five applications applying a total of four pounds of MESA nitrogen and one preventative grub control application per year. Everything else is pay as you go.

    Enough of that, I currently charge $45.00 per 1000 sf. for the five step program which includes the above products and weed control with each application if needed. I do not know what next year will be, as this years prices are still going up. Unfortunately or fortunately all my customers are under contract which sets their prices for the season. May loose some next year due to increases.
  10. rcreech

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