Cost of business increases everywhere


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I know we’re all in the same boat, just wanted to see whats others are doing, and where cost is hitting you most.

Fuel (of course)
Shop rent increase
Labor, when you can get someone decent
Seed increase
Dump fee raised 2x in just over a month, expecting it again to happen
Parts shortage, been waiting on valves for my log splitter, theres a shortage of them
$15 for one oil filter?

Im sure I forgot something..
For me, the hardest hit came in the labor column. Not only has the availability of labor decreased, but so has the cost of attracting that labor. I operate in one of the most economically depressed areas of the country. Consequently, it is very difficult to increase my pricing schedule. This in turn undermines my ability to attract competent employees.

In response, I have decided to simply do what I can on my own. Most operators don't have that option available to them, but for many small ones that's the only choice, as being small has its own set of limitations relative to staff size.

I have shed my less profitable contracts and raised prices by fifty percent or more. It has been painful and it has left me unpopular with quite a few people, but it was my only recourse under the circumstances.

Our work is going to be ever more expensive to accomplish and ever less available to the public in the future as a result of forces beyond our control. The only recourse we have is to adapt and overcome. My own approach is toward exclusivity, either you can afford me or you can't. If you can't then so sorry, not my fault. If you can then you should because blah, blah, blah (enumeration of my credentials and experience). Now, more than ever it it is imperative that operators grasp the truth that all money isn't good money. If it doesn't pay the bills then let it float into someone else's nightmare. There are only twenty-four hours in a day. Hence we are all functionally living on a "fixed" income. If your only attractant is the low cost of your work then you are doomed. When your equipment wears out and your employees decide they want to go fishing instead of coming to work you'll be broke and unable to fulfill your commitments. The clients that you ate biscuits for so they could eat steaks will shed you instantly and move on to the next sucker. And you will be known as "good riddance."

I am always amused by those who brag about how many lawns they mow in a day. As if such information had any bearing upon their bottom line. They work themselves to death wearing out there equipment while sinking deeper and deeper into the morass of debt and mediocrity. Their employees are wore out and their bottom line keeps them one step a at from disaster.

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