Cost of business increases everywhere


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I said nothing of the sort.

It is horrendous logic 2 be pleased that prices are higher across the board because it creates a higher barrier of entry for new people.

I could care less about the barrier to entry for new people all I care about is how much stuff costs to my company

As was pointed out by $.08 coke cost, the sjessen $.03 candy bar, the phasthound $.27 a gallon gas price, things have and will go up in cost. If you can not adapt, you will not stay in business. If someone fails to accept reality, they will fail.


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I went up on my customers, Across the board, Everyone, No flack what so ever, they expected it due to the rising cost everywhere. If you do not go up NOW, IMHO you are stupid. Costs are rising at an unexpected rate, you have to keep pace to make a profit, which is the name of the game.


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If some are concerned about things going up in cost, Sheffield and many manufacturers are offering 0% financing on the purchase of equipment with terms of 48 months.

This allows you to lock in the current price of equipment, and not pay and interest ( there is a few dollar origination fee), with terms up to 48 months.

Under these terms, $10,000 of equipment would cost around $210.00 a month. Make sure you plan on budgeting this cost in your cash flow, and better still, already have the money, in this case $10,000, in the bank as a reserve, to cover the cost

Inflation is usually followed by higher interest rates, initiated by the Federal Reserve increasing rates that they use to lend money to banks. So it is almost certain that rates will rise, if inflation continues. On the other hand rising rates can lead to a recession, which will lower rates, but slow business activity as well.
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I know we’re all in the same boat, just wanted to see whats others are doing, and where cost is hitting you most.

Fuel (of course)
Shop rent increase
Labor, when you can get someone decent
Seed increase
Dump fee raised 2x in just over a month, expecting it again to happen
Parts shortage, been waiting on valves for my log splitter, theres a shortage of them
$15 for one oil filter?

Im sure I forgot something..
Omg seed.. I decided to be a dumbass this yr and not put in an early order for our seed. Big mistake, now im paying $95/bag for uncertified fescue blend.

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