cost of doing business poll.


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We have a lot of discussion here about minimum prices.Can we do an informal poll ?
What are some of the prices you pay for equiptment , gas , vehicle insurance and supplies? My theory is these costs are fairly close. Include location .

Yakima, Wa. (eastern WA.)
New21" (toro 2-stroke) 899.99
(echo 2601) trimmer-279.99
6-pack lawnboy 2stroke oil-6.99
fuel as of today - 171.9
insurance on 86 truck 575.00 yearly
50# bag winter fertilizer(10k sq ft) -12.56
I know the brands may differ.
If you think of something else please add it to the list.

How cheap can we afford to work? Not very.

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pace lawn care

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SE Arkansas
Pace Lawn Care
Monticello Arkansas

Husqvarnar 60in cut -7,599
Red Max weedeate - 306.
Hedge trimmer - 130.
Red Max blower - 473.
Blades (to high) - 60.
Insurance (mower) - 52.
Liability Ins. - 120.
Gas - 1.36

Cutting part time for now. Already had truck
and trailor.


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Seymour Indiana
Guys my fuel bill alone is over $2400.00 for the year, just in misc. equipment supplies and repair is over $ 5000.00....yea its a expensive buisness...This doesnt include mowers or equipment .but insurence, fuel, just operating costs for a year are over $8000.00 no payroll etc.


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Central Florida
Truck ins is twice what you pay. The rest is about the same.
I think the overall cost of doing business is much greater than most of us think. It allways looks beter on paper than in reality.


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Southern, Maine
Ouch im now getting deprest thinking about it
2 Walker mowers $22,000
1 toro w/b mower $1000,00 oldie one
2 Ford F-350 4wd Diesels $58,000
1 Trailer $2000.00
trimmers,powerbrooms ect $2000 Fuel bill dont even want to go there ok guys i got more tied up in our business then i do my home!


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Southern, Maine
We should be looking at profit margins for take home after expeses. We do enough business to pay for equipment, Employees, general bill. If you need more equipment buy it BUT only buy it if you got the business to use it otherwise its a EXPENSIVE toy. One thing we have noticed is company's getting into business go right out and buy all this equipment and expect improvements of 75% to 100% increase in business, Most times up here anyways we averagea 20% to 35% increase yearly, What im trying to say is watch yourself build slow and most important build your clien-tell
and before you know it you will have aqumulated lots of equipment and jobs to use em.


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North Alabama
1- 60" Lazer EPS $9700
1- 48" Lazer HP $6200
1- Lazer bagger $1200
Gas $1.40/gal on average for the past 7 months
All hand tools are pretty constant on prices (observered from other threads)
1- 16'*6.5' trailer $1800
1- 1987 Ford F-150 $3000 (great deal)
$300K liability and 20K Equipment Ins. $550/yr
truck ins. $450

Hope this helps you figure out where you stand.
I'm located in North Alabama.

Stuart H. South
TLC, The Landscape Co.

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everything seems to be about the same here in st Louis

1- 52" honda WB $5500
Grass Gobler Catcher $300
Velke (2 wheel) $300
hired help average $10.50 per hour (i am in college and do nothing but own the company, and see the profit.)
trailer 5x10 $550
Still use personal Truck aprox value $2,000.

This is my first year of comercial operation and year to date including payroll and all expenses:

Expenses: $16,689.89 (includes my payroll)
Income: 18,546.79

I am paying myself pretty well and cover all associated expenses from the company acount.

Richard Martin

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Greenville, NC
Gravely 50" $2500.00
Exmark 36" $2250.00
Velke single wheel $229.00
Grass Gobbler $179.00
Stihl FS75 stick edger $299.00
Shindaiwa T-230 trimmer $229.00
Stihl BR400 blower $359.00
Echo 2 cycle oil/gallon $11.00
Gas $1.669

Annapolis Maryland