Cost of doing business.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Green Acres, Jan 25, 2000.

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    I was just curious to see if anyone know how much it cost them a hour to do run there business. Taking into consideration Ins,gas,equipment,etc. Thanks
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    The only accurate way to do an estimate is to know your costs. Figuring out your costs is a very long detailed process, of which I needed help myself to figure out. Take a look at Nilsson's books at TURFQUIP.COM .<p>&quot;Labor Time Data Handbook&quot; and &quot;Maximizing Profits in Mowing&quot; should help get you on your way to figuring TRUE cost of doing business. <p>I bought the books about a month ago. I wish I would have had them about 4 years ago when I was throwing out a lot of bids. <p>Every companies costs are going to differ depending upon the accuracy of how they figure them. There are lots of variables to take into consideration. If you don't want the books, look at Nilsson's weekly internet class. Looking at his classes, I really started to question some of the things I am doing.
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    Labor costs is one aspect of the business that will eat into your profits quickly. I would suggest that you look into the INS' H2B Program. You can schedule workers to be present during peak season, and the cost is less. The motivation among these workers is high, and they can be delivered to your place of business. <br>If you have any questions please contact me for information.<p>Elisama Puente<br>WorkForce International<br><br>(713)923-5564 (Business)<br>(713)923-5517 (Fax)

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