Cost of new fords,...really!!

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by ACA L&L, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. ACA L&L

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    So im happy with my 07 desiel, Im back down at dealer looking at the 2010 desiel, radio add says xlt desiel super cabs, 38000! So they have none, all they have is xt, They do have gasser for 38000 but not the desiel.

    So whatever reason, im looking at buying the gas truck they want damn near 636 a month with a 1000 down for 72 months at 6% or 7% interest!! Makes the truck 45500.00 Its just a truck!! I was amazed and speachless, told him no way, ill wait to talk with fleet manager on monday. This price advertised was better than the fleet price, but they had no desiels.

    ford 2010 4x4 f 250 LB, power everything. what are you guys paying???Am I the crazy one, ??Last new truck i bought was a 07 dodge half ton, payment was is 350???
  2. ACA L&L

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    really no one out there wanna share there car secrets, we use the dodge for a sprinkler truck, its a crappy truck, im trading that n with a balance forward of 1000. The xt model of this truck is still about 595 a month. What am i mising here, or am i just paranoid that im getting screwed?????? Ive bought damn near 9 trucks from dodge and decided that im done with there warranty one thing and not the other on the same truck, so i switched. already picked up one truck from this dealer, but i cant feel this one out, i usually get a good vibe or bad one.
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    wait till monday, you'll get more responses! you might get more hits in the truck section!
    sorry i dont have any thoughts on this, free bump!
  4. JB1

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    really all depends on what you put down, I usually put down more than that and don't go over 48 months and usuall pay it off in 36 or less.
  5. ACA L&L

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    Well we usually dont trade in this early, or often but the lil red half ton p/u is struggling with only 40000 miles on her. we bought this new in 2007 as we needed another crew truck and fast, it was a grat deal, we were/are happy until it started slipping out of reverse, jumping when we are towing anything and since we started doing alot more installs its only good for mowing. But at any rate i was looking to upgrade with minimal money down as we were not upside down by no means. So the dealer called back and said they had a single cab 09 f250 4x4 for 21000, at 6%. So we jumped on that. Our payment is lower than the half ton and i really like the fords. So thats about half we were looking at for the 2010 xlt and settled for the xt model. They applied a 10000 discount to the sticker. That made the deal right there, it was the only one on the lot, they found it when they were looking for a xt super cab. At any rate Im more than happy, as we upgraded to work vehicles and reduced our monthly costs for vehicles by nearly 225 a month. Thats 3 solid 3/4 ton 4x4 pickups. I hate buying, and since my brother in law no longer works at dodge, i decided to head over to the ford dealer and im glad we did.
  6. WenzelOSLLC

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    If it's for work only or mostly work and a little personal use, I would go with the xt anyways just because it's cheaper and has less things to break and replace on the inside.

    I know the car companies are hurting so you can talk them down quite a bit. My cousin went browsing last year and said he found a f-350 gas crew xlt with a plow and other extras that the dealer had already marked down to like 23,000 but said he would knock another 2 off if they bought it that day.

    Advice for the future. The dealer can knock of between 25-50% on some vehicles and still make money so talk them down. I think consumer reports has something to help you with that.
  7. Alpha Property

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    65 000 ish plus for a 2500 or F250 crew cab power and leather desiel from any of the big three in canada
  8. topsites

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    About 2-3 years ago, around the time of the stock market crash...
    I made mention that all automobiles (yes, trucks too) would double in price over the next 20 years.
    Nobody believed me.

    We have 17-18 years to go, for a truck like that, they will want 100 grand.
  9. Green' Go

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    For me "nused" is the only way to go. Get one that some stupid schmuck traded in with 5,000 - 20,000 miles on it. That way they took a big loss on it and not you plus it is still under warranty. I agree though there is no way I am paying that for a truck.
  10. ACA L&L

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    Man you aren't kidding! new used is what the 07 diesel is and we walked away with a killer deal. Only had like 15000 miles and was used for a mobile detail company. Liking the diesel we looked and that was it. XT all the way for work trucks, we found the 09 truck priced right for what we need. But i don't think i can afford a new truck at this rate. My 2004 dodge Gasser was 28000 new and i thought i was paying to much then! The sticker on a 2010 diesel f250 lariat loaded is 60 plus!! seriously who uses a short bed f 250 leather, 4x4 with switches, diesel for work? And i mean really use it for work. Not many. The sticker on the xt diesels 4x4 was 40 plus, maybe 38 for the short box. I dont understand how having a 700 800 car payment is helping anyone make money. I know some people use there trucks for they are made for but not many. I dont know how many guys in suits, or moms i see driving these tanks, not judging just confused. Well as i see it i will not purchasing a truck for awhile and Like topsites says they will probably be at 100 g by then. I just dont see how they can cost so much. they are pricing these things out of our market as i see it. Well for the smaller 2and 3 crew companies a way im glad its universal and not local, happy spring everyone and make that money , especially id u are buying a work/pleasure truck.:hammerhead:

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