Cost of removing 7 bushes, 6 small trees, 25 branches cut down

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Emar, May 9, 2011.

  1. Dr.NewEarth

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    See that, it did come up eventually. I couldn't delete the second one though.

  2. Dr.NewEarth

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    Hi Emar, I think this site is much better than the "Hooterville" site.
    Do you agree?
    At least you get a response here.
  3. Emar

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    Great tip, I have check out proper pruning technique. I want to do a good job for customer and the tree, you can really hurt a tree by not doing things right. Trees never heal.
  4. johnyredd99

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    think you were looking for a price if your looking at 3 days @ 8hrs. per x what your worth an hour + rental cost = roughly a 1200 or more....

    I would come by the business when no one is around and hook a chain to bush and truck and give a lttle tug to see whats going on before bidding tho. w/o the right equipment those bushes is really going to be the cost factor
  5. dean1130

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    I would sugguest instead of a mini bobcat, use a mini excavator. And if you ever done tree work before or ever done climbing, the tree work part shouldn't take no more then 2hrs. One guy could do this in a day and a half with the right equipment. A mini ex with a thumb on it, you can pull those shrubs out in no time. Around here a mini ex is around $230.00 a day. Dr. new earth was right about the pruning cuts. The one he mentioned is the drop cut, the other one you can use is called a snap cut. This one you still make the cut from the bottom, but in stead of cutting on the right side of the cut, you cut on the left side. This is used often on branches that are under pressure. And then make your final cut next to branch collar at a slight angle. Tree work is easy once you learn it. But one wrong cut and you can be badly hurt or dead, so think wisely before doing anything. Also my rule of thumb, if you doing tree work, never do it alone. So in my case this job with 2 people would be about $1100.00. That's for one day, plus rental charge and fuel charge. The other thing alot don't think about is, if you live an hr from the job, it will take you an hr to get there and an hr to get back, therefore you have to charge for that time too. If you have two people then it doubles.
  6. Emar

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    Thank to all that replied and helped. The job got done a while back, but I'm putting pics. up now





  7. Emar

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    I charged 1200 2ppl cut low to the root cover with soil. Took 8hrs x 2 ppl but with roots ur right it be 3 days.owner provided a bin and it got filled to max not sure what size but it was big. The owner was my friends dad so he gave me some slack with the bin and other stuff. I do lawn maintenance for them now and brick was another project.

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