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    I'm trying to figure out a rough idea of my material costs per 1,000 sqft for a five step program. I think my program will cost about $100 per 5,000 sqft not including broad leaf or crabgrass control. The program includes crabgrass control and grub control. What does it costs most smaller guys per 1000? Do you try to keep material below 25% of what you charge your customer? This is for next year when I'm licensed.

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    not including broad leaf or crabgrass control. The program includes crabgrass control and grub control.

    Your program doesnt include then it does include crabgrass control! Does it or doesnt it?

    $100.00 for 5000 sq ft would be $20.00 per 1000 correct? That is way off.
    Get your cost for each item you will apply and break it down to cost per 1000/ sq ft.
    Example: 3-way cost $55.00 per 2 1/2 gallons. 2 quarts an acre
    cost me $11.00 an acre or .26 /1000 if you use max rate.
    Do this for each item you will use and know you will be using different products each round. Each round will cost different.
    Round #1 is atleast twice the cost of round #5
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    I agree with him.

    Also, a "standard" program will normally include crabgrass and broadleaf control while grub control is probably an option.

    Like stated above, you need to figure your cost per round. Because Pre-M herbicide w/ fert is way more expensive than winterizer.

    As a rought estimate depending your average cost will be $.75-1.50 per 1000 feet. I know that is a wide spread but it depends on what products you get, where you get them, volume, ect.
  4. grassyfras

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    Ok here’s my plan for next year, Sorry for being un clear the first time. I broke down most my numbers like suggested. Grub control will not be included. I need to know if this plan is crazy or what.

    5- Step

    March 15-30th 7-0-22 with.15 dimension Material Cost- $3.61 per K

    May 1st –August 30th 5-4-0 Auxinite (similar to ironite) Material Cost- 2.4 per K

    September 1 18-0-9 with 2% iron-Material Cost- $1.7

    October 1 18-0-9 with 2% iron-Material Cost- $1.7

    November 15th 40-0-0 100% slow release- Material Cost $2.4

    Total Per K= $11.81

    Weed control will be done with a back pack spot spaying. I plan on using a three-way, Drive 75 and Manage. I plan on using a gallon or less of herbicide per 5,000 sqft. I’m estimating that on average a gallon will cost less than $5 of material.
  5. Josh.S

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    Are you getting single bag prices from Lesco or something?
  6. grassyfras

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    My prices are from a independent dealer for single bag prices. I guess I should ask him what the discount is for when I buy more. It sounds like my prices are still really high.
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    You need to find a distrubuter like lesco, or BWI.. I find that my AVERAGE cost on MATERIALS ONLY is around $2.00 per k.. that price is designed to be just a bit high.. as prices sometimes rise thruout the year.
  8. phasthound

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    Aux-n-ite is a very slow release biosolid that will also add enzymes and other valuable organic substances known to make plants hardier with better heat and drought tolerance.
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    If you are able to get $20 per K, then I am moving to St. Louis!!
    What I have done for our 5 step program is distinguish what we plan to use throughout the season to control the weeds. Then add in the fertilizer for the season!
    It is correct to say that your cost per K is a bit too costly and can get it in bulk or smaller containers for less.........I do!! I figure out how much for the entire season will cost and divide it out in 5 bangs. That way our bills are consistant to the customer.
    If grub control is wanted as part of your program, then figure that cost into the total equation also.
    IF I charged the custome for round-1 XX amount of dollars and then charge XX for round-2, it will seem odd unless the customer knows this up front.. Why would they expect to pay more.? Figure it evenly!!
    When a customer calls for 5 steps, I figure out my cost for the whole season and do the markups--travel--fuel--labor--water,etc. Then divide that cost by 5. Our first 2 rounds cost us a little more, but then it all equals out....
    If the customer has more problems such as insect's, they call us to do this application and it is an add-on, billed right then. But to say that the casual cost of 2.00 per K is somewhat accurate depending on locale and each product you use. Then what is your markup? Your overhead will and may be significantly larger than someone else's. But around here all the lco's use the same thing and some different fertilizers. The cost per customer K has been all depends on how fast you can get an acre done in an hour.
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    Where is the N in your program?

    Why are you using a 100% slow release going into winter?

    Maybe I am way I don't know your turf or weather but that program sounds very different then anything I have ever heard!

    You need to feed the turf and I don't see much N up front or much along the way.

    Is this a typical program in that area or did you come up with it yourself?

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