cost per foot to dig a trench

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by jrumbaug, Aug 2, 2008.

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    Ooops I meant library. My spelling is not so good at 5:30 AM...

    And give this USDA Soil Texture Triangle a look...

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    looks like a great soil climate chart.
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    I'll take the Food Pyramid, especially if onion rings get top spot.
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    Go for a machine rather than hand digging, and raise your hourly rate, youll never make a dime at 20 bucks an hour, assuming you pay taxes and such.
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    Quoted for ultimate truth..

    Assumption is the mother of all screw ups.

    We did a job a few weeks ago, commercial job at a hotel. We were pulling pieces of concrete out of ground that weighed over 150 pounds with the 1820 and there was no dirt it was all rock under the 2 or 3 inch layer of dirt.

    Im fairly certain my boss had wished he did a little more exploration before he gave them a price.
  6. hoskm01

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    Furthermore, just give the people a price. said and done, with your product specs. No need to itemize every swipe of glue.
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    Repeated for Boots sake.
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    Gawrsh! Thanks a heap :p
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    I think you guys have answered my question. ( at least close enough )
    1) dig to confirm soil
    2) use machines when possible.
    3) quoting high is better for the bottom line than quoting low, so I wont sweat a small part of the estimate if it sends the total up.
    4) tomorrow I call around to see if a ditch witch 255sx is available locally.

    I'll have more questions for another thread.

    Jim Rumbaugh
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    Thanks for bringing this thread back to earth.:)

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