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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by paul, Apr 17, 2001.

  1. paul

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    Guys lets see what some of your cost per Hour to run a machine. This covers fuel, oil, filters, repairs, operator.
    If you run it yourself pay yourself.
  2. SCL

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    Skidloader without power attach=$50/hr
    Skidloader with Brillion=$60//hr
    Skidloader with power attach=$65/hour
    Tractor with or without attach=$50/hour

    Thinking about an increase due to fuel prices, everybody else is adding a fuel surcharge to my orders.

    OBRYANMAINT LawnSite Senior Member
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    i think my actuall cost per hour is about 35 to 40 per hour

    i figure 20.00 per hour for cost of running machine and 15.00 per for operator
  4. Matt

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    We charge $50/hour for a compact with attachments, plus we add a trucking charge which is based on the distance of travel. We figure that this breaks down to $25 for the machine and $25 for the operator. If we rent a machine we charge accordingly based on rental cost, trucking and operating. I think any price for a machine is pretty cheap based on the amount of work that is completed in an hour as compared to doing it by hand.
  5. paul

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    Just updated from our office,
    Skid loader
    operator $ 28.45 Per. Hr.
    machine $ 16.83 Per. Hr.
    operator $ 28.45
    Machine $ 12.34
    Mini Excavator
    operator 29.65
    Machine $ 25.36
    This is just the costs, fuel, oil, filter, payments.

    Matt thats what you charge not your costs!
  6. Highpoint

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    We charge $32.00 per hour minimum for mowing no matter what machine is being used (21" - 72") $40.00 per hour for our 12' Howard Price wide area machine. $40.00 per for jobs just requiring line trimmers. $40.00 per for our 751 bobcat w/out power attachment. $60.00 per for running our bobcat brushhog attachment. $60.00 per for our Case 90 XT w/out power attachment. $20 more for power attachment. $60.00 per for bobcat mini 337 Excavator. $60.00 per for 75 HP tractor and 10' bush hog. $40.00 per for any type of Landscape related job other than tree removal. Tree work runs $50.00 per minimum plus $10 t0 $20 for hauling off debris per trip. $30.00 per bucket of mulch installed up to 10 buckets then $20.00 for 10 or more. Lawncare related employees start at $7.50 and go up to $10.50 per. Landscape employees start same wage and go up to $12.50. This is where we are at for now.
  7. paul

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    Ok looking for your COST PER HR
    Not what you charge.
    But what it cost you to run your equipment per HR.
  8. Highpoint

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    I hate to say it but I do not have an accurate account of information pertaining to your specific question. I get it now. Just one of those things that I feed to finish putting together. Have a good one.

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