cost per sq ft and am I crazy!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by greenvalleylandscapes, Feb 6, 2008.

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    Hey everyone,,new to forum,,owned a landscape buz in the 80's for 10 years,,took time out for the last 20 to work in a prison as a nurse,,retiring this year with a full pension and health benefits ,,so now I am thinking about re-entering into my passion,,45 years old,,,I have 2 questions???do you think I am crazy??? and how much do you guys charge on cutting..thinking high end only,,no cut-throating here!!
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    With the unsteady market, I would be very careful on what discounts you give. Costs are different for everyone, which I'm sure you already know, but we have a $35 min. (which is a tad low) and raise by percentages for obstacles, trimming, gates, etc.

    Average high-end 1/3 acre lot goes for around $48.00 per cut, but don't hang your hat on our costs. You will not have the overhead we bear, so you should be able to come in a tad lower than that.
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    Go for it.
    I too did lawn care in the 80's. I got back in full time in 03'. The problem is that there are a gazillion people in it that are still charging what I charged in the 80's. That being said most residential's you can only go up so much in price, before they revert to the kid down the street. I have raised my prices as much as possible, and keep a route as tight possible to keep my profit margins up where they belong.

    The quantity route as described above seems easier for me to accomplish than the quality higher end way of doing business.
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    Thats so amazing , In my area a 1/4 acre lot is 20-25 and acerage is 30-35/acre with minimal obstacles just goes to show how diffrent the u.s. is price wise!!

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