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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Landscape Poet, Apr 1, 2012.

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    Just a couple of things that I have found here recently.

    I had been using stihl premium synthetic oil for awhile now. I would buy a case of it and then a case of Pro Mix which is also ISO JSCO approved. While it is not the be all end all of expenses I found it of course does add up especially over the course of a year.

    This year what I have found. After reading years of Amsoil threads on here and listening to there reps jump into every thread.........I found it while buying oil and filters for the mowers at a local NAPA I found the quart size bottles. They are just roughly over $9.25 there. I asked the guy if that was the normal price everday. He confirmed it was.

    Now I am not a big believer in attempting to run it at 100:1 or even 80:1 but even at 50:1 which I run it at it is still works out to be less than Stihl for sure and it is cheaper than the Pro Mix that is a approved oil too.

    I suggest checking it out. The only down fall that I see is that it is not pre-measured and convient like the little plastic bottles, however if you carry a little measuring device in a ziploc baggie that you can attach to the bottle it is just as easy. A much better price for a ISO approved oil.

    Next I am not a big believer in snake oils but am growing concerned about the potential of ethenol and its effects on the equipment long term. I did a lot of research on here and everyone who uses said products seems to like Seafoam. Well I used one bottle recently and thought it might be ok. Went to Wal-Mart the other day and was just browsing as it was a new store here in town.

    Found this product which appears to be in the same exact bottle and claims to do the same thing. Again it could be snake oil but for those of you that do use Seafoam...maybe this would be better? It is much much cheaper as you can see in the picture. Have any of you used it?
    Any other cost saving measures that you guys would like to share that you have found recently or over your time as a LCO?

  2. I go on eBay and amazon and find a lot of stuff cheaper than the dealer. For example, I bought a new air filter for my Wright stander from amazon that was about $10 cheaper than the dealer. I buy oil from Costco(M1) for about 4.25 or so per quart when they send out the coupon inserts....I'm not saving thousands, but it does add up.
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    Exactly Diamond..... We all know that Fuel and Labor are huge expenses to us but there is not much we can truly do to lower them dramatically. We have no control over fuel and Labor...well you are going to get what you pay for and generally Labor if managed correctly although expensive in terms of a % pays for itself many times over.

    I was hoping we all could share different little things that we have found to help save little by little. The cost savings realized by all of us could be huge for example the Amsoil from Napa. That is roughly a 50% saving for if everyone has a NAPA close by and partakes we all as a whole would save thousands.
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    Mikey and the rest of the Unwashed Masses.

    HELLO....Florida has a special RV 100% 91 Octane Gasoline. It is perfect for longer life on all air cooled equipment. Yes it cost $.030 more a gallon but the fewer break downs and less hassles of gasohol is well worth the extra cost. Sunoco station are who is carrying it at the best price. Yes It is the only gas I am using in air cooled engines. BTW I still add seafoam.

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    I'm a believer in penzoil marine 2 stroke and 87 octane gas. I wouldn't waste my money on seafoam. I run a tiny amount of water and it works just fine no not in the fuel. Ethanol isn't as bad as people make it out to be it's just less powerful is my only complaint. Let the running over begin.
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    Did you realize that alcohol (Ethanol) is already a strong fuel system cleaner. Seafoam and Berryman's don't address the issues with ethanol use. Mike, I bet ya' my Stihl pieces start up easier and faster than yours !! I saw your helper pulling and pullin' yesterday. I use the 91 octane Ethanol FREE gas, likely that RV class. Just got some yesterday and paid 4.29 gallon. My old school Shindaiwa handhelds have not given me a single issue.

    Go to PURE-GAS.Org for sources. Then look up FL. I go to the east 50/Bithlo (just Eastside Mower) location with my gerry cans etc.
  7. Ric

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    Thank you for the Link. I found two more gas stations a lot closer to me that sold RV Gas.

    I run some older equipment build before ethanol. I want to think the extra cost and time to purchase RV Gasoline pays for it's self when that equipment doesn't fall apart.

    As for cost savings: Let me make it perfectly clear. PENNY WISE CAN BE POUND FOOLISH. There are places to cut costs and place NOT to cut costs.

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    Rob - we will have to see about that. You see he has worked at Universal and the City and a couple of bigger landscape firms around here and after years of thinking he has to prime the hell out of the equipment there...he fails to understand that you do not need to do that with my sticks as they are all newer. When I operate I generally do not have to choke or prime I simply pull and within two to three pulls they are running. I have informed him and shown him but band habit are hard to break...its his arm doing the pulling:hammerhead:

    Now about the gas. Rob I do not have any accounts near 50. If I were to travel there from my home I am looking at at least 25 minutes travel each way to get some gas? :confused:I know your home is further away so that would mean more travel for you. That is close to a hour each week to stock up on fuel? I think that hour would be more valuable doing estimates, doing door hangers etc not to mention that then I am storing fuel [​IMG]

    And I guess I would question if fresh daily fuel which contains Ethanol be better than 100% that is stored for periods of time?

    All of my handhelds except the old shini blower are newer stihl 4 stroke so I am sure they are made with the expectations of Ethanol being used in them. I myself as you know do not have a huge concern over ethanol. I think there are many more things that harm the equipment such as bugs, dirt, dust , debris than to worry about spending a hour each week getting fuel. Especially when we are talking about handhelds that run generally in the $350 range. It does not take long to consume much of your time to make up for that $350 of buying a new one considering you are spending a hour each week to fuel up.
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    My thought exactly on the replacement issues. I played the buy stihl oil game and use 91+ only to have my warranty denied over every possible excuse I was younger and dummer and let it fly. Now I just throw that junk on CL get 100 bucks for a hard to start or needs work unit and buy a brand new one and write it off. I can't sit around and wait for crap or have my helper frustrated trying to fix a handheld and then takes it out on the yards.

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