cost to have 14' box truck painted?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by maal, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. maal

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    For those who have had their cabover painted:

    How much did you guys pay to have your box professionally painted?

    We are looking at a 14 footer and want to consider all the costs associated with presenting a consistent image.

    Pics would be nice as well.

    I have seen some really great work done on the trucks/trailers of lawn site members and wanted a ballpark price range for your area.

  2. lbmd1

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    I purchased my Isuzu 14' box truck off lease from Airborne Express. It was grey and still could see the peeled of logo from Airborne. Had a guy paint the enitire box and cab white with Imron paint. Its the paint they use to paint airplanes with. Cost was $1400,but worth every penny! Everyone thinks it's brand new. I got a great deal on the truck ($12,000 for a 1996 with only 56,000 miles) I'll try and get a picture this weekend.

  3. maal

    maal LawnSite Member
    from georgia
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    Please do post a pic.

    I've called around to the local shops and the price ranges were all over the place.

    What made you decide to use that type of paint? WHat are the benefits?
  4. Edgewater

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    If you want to get estimates that are comparable, you need to bring the truck to local shops in your area and tell them how you want it done.

    Variables include,

    strip paint or just scuff and spray over.

    fill dents with plastic or bump out and do metal work

    Will you paint around the inside of the doors where the latches are

    Is it the same color or a color change

    Finish required (quality)

    Just an example, I have a short box 1/2 ton chevy that I,m getting ready to have painted. i got estimates that ranged from $1200 to do the whole bod job(aquick job) to $1050 just to paint the box if I brought it in off the truck and in primer ready to shoot the paint.

    All this to say if you want quotes that are valuable to you, you have to specify the quality you want.

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