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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by magicmike, Mar 7, 2013.

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    Not as a brag but yesterday I bought a BR 600. Tried it my back yard today.

    The money I made back on the 27" snow storm on 2/9 is where the money came from. You will always be taking money from last season to buy stuff for the next season. It is a never ending business cycle.

    The cycle will slow down once you have all you need. Though repairs and buying replacements will keep the money moving.

    Expense never end. Then if you are the guy that always wants to add another truck and start another route things may never slack off.

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    If you need it more power to you. You must have worked your tall off during the snow storms. My wife would kill for that kind of income in the winter. We have only had a few (4) valid storms so far this winter. You can already see the signs of spring coming. Good thing the mountains have finally got their snow pack.

    At my age (53) trying to expand is not in the cards. That is why I want to go with what I have. And try to put money away instead. I don't even know how much longer I'll do this. I hope until I am 60???
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    Last winter was my 4th, very little snow so very little money. Snow money is never to be counted on. Easy to get spoiled and count on making it. Though Mother Nature does not always co-operate.

    First and second years of snow removal, the snow was there to make money.

    The third year the accounts and the snow both were there.

    Fifth year, this year, we had a 4" snow fall before the big one and another 4" after. Would of had no new BR 600 without that storm in the middle.

    I have a small pension. Not enough to pay my bills and I live simple. I have no plans of growing past a one truck route as well.

    Though if the work fell into my lap I could be tempted to expand though that is not my goal.

    I will need to keep working on the grass to they put me under the grass.Good thing I like the work.
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    We don't count on anything either. But it sure comes in handy when we get it. We do about 10-12 places a storm (it verys sometimes their neighbors take care of it). So it sure comes in handy when it does. It also keeps me from working for someone else in the winter. It is so nice to have a break.

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