cost to run a lawn buisness?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by troyscapes, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. troyscapes

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    Im looking into starting a lawn/maintanence buisness this year or next year. I work full time at a landscaping company and then do the lawns and maintanence on the side. What do you guys think it will cost a month average in insurance,taxes, yellow book-advertising, etc, to become an official buisness?
  2. Big C

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    $356.19....:confused:...just many variables to figure out.....what type of ins? big of an ad? around and get ideas....different areas cost more than other for start-up cost.
  3. alternative

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    WTF.. how much to run a lawn business. Thats like saying how much does it cost to fix a car? There is no basic or simple rule on cost of doing business, with any business. Just do your homework.
  4. troyscapes

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    haha yea i regret what i wrote now, and believe me tried deleting the post. But whatever I know i should of looked into it before i posted this but to late now, and i sound like an idiot haha.
  5. troyscapes

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    one of the reasons i posted this is because someone told me it was like 700 bucks a month just for insurance! i know it cant be that much, so to rephrase the question a little you guys think its worth it for me to work full time at a company and then become insured and all that jaz and do my own think part time?
  6. Big C

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    $700 a month....dude I dont pay that a year for my 1mil GL policy....someone is giving you very bad info.....yeah start PT, learn the game then grow...this is my fourth year in biz I an still consider myself a newbie in the learning phase!!!
  7. CLS LLC

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    Some basic break downs of costs for me:

    Liability: $600 per year
    Truck: $900 per year
    Trailers: $120 per year
    Plow (inland marine): $120

    Pesticide business: $120
    Pesticide personal: $60
    LLC: $125 (first year) $25 (per year)

    Cell phone: $90

    Advertising expense is entirely up to you.

    What gets expensive is equipment and supplies. Which are all relative to each operation. Stamps, envelopes, letter heads, brochures, paper, printer ink or toner mowers, trailers, hand helds, spare parts, plows, trucks. It all adds up and very quickly I might add.
  8. troyscapes

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    good info. Thanks
  9. deanslawnservice09

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    very good break down on prices.. mine are very similar
  10. HARRIS Property Management

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    Thats a broad question but just to give you an idea on the whole, at the end of the year when I do taxes, my expenses added up as a whole are generally about 60% of my gross revenue. Thats been pretty consistent for the past four years.

    Ask anyone who runs a legit successful cost money!
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